Law & Ethics for Health Professions 13 9780073513836
Law & Ethics for Health Professions

Law & Ethics for Health Professions

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 13
MHID: 0073513830 |  ISBN 13: 9780073513836

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New Features

NEW! The test bank for the Seventh Edition been entirely updated by the authors to better assess students’ understanding of the content.

ETHICS ISSUES: This feature at the end of each chapter is based on interviews conducted with ethics counselors within the professional organizations for health care practitioners and interviews with bioethics experts. The discussion questions are derived from real-life experiences and ethical dilemmas and will help students clarify their personal ethical viewpoint concerning each situation.

CHAPTER REVIEW: Each chapter review includes Applying Your Knowledge questions that evaluate students’ understanding of important chapter concepts and reinforce the learning outcomes.

CASE STUDIES: Each case study is presented to help students practice critical thinking skills and use knowledge gained from the chapter to decide how to resolve the real-life situations or theoretical scenarios presented.

INTERNET ACTIVITIES: Each activity includes exercises that are designed to increase knowledge about topics related to the chapter material and to gain expertise in using the Internet as a research tool. Keep a resource notebook to record useful Web sites as they are found. To locate new Web sites, conduct a subject search as needed to help you answer the questions that follow each activity.

FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF... This feature opens each chapter with a real-life experience related to the main topic of the chapter. Health care practitioners in various locations throughout the United States describe problems or situations they encounter relevant to the material discussed in the chapter.

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS: Presented throughout the chapter to allow students to test their comprehension on sections of the chapter as they progress through it.

COURT CASE: Each case summarizes a law suit that illustrates points made in the chapter. Students are encouraged to determine why the court made its particular ruling and to consider the relevance of the case to their health care specialty area. The legal citations at the end of each court case indicate where to find the complete text of a case. "Landmark" cases are those that established ongoing precedent.

Each chapter offers an engaging video. Here are a few exmaple: CH 1:Cousin of a medical professional asks for drug samples. CH 2:Medical assistant is tempted to look at her boyfriend's boss's file and disclose the contents. CH 3:Medical professional decides whether to skip wearing gloves to expedite treatment.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The learning outcomes describe the basic knowledge that should be acquired by studying the Chapter.

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Law & Ethics for Health Professions


Chapter 1 Introduction to Law and Ethics

Chapter 2 Making Ethical Decisions

Chapter 3 The Health Care Team

Chapter 4 Law, the Courts, and Contracts


Chapter 5 Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice

Chapter 6 Defenses to Liability Suits

Chapter 7 Medical Records and Informed Consent

Chapter 8 Privacy, Security, and Fraud


Chapter 9 Physicians’ Public Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter 10 Workplace Legalities

Chapter 11 The Beginning of Life and Childhood

Chapter 12 Death and Dying

Chapter 13 Health Care Trends and Forecasts

Apprendix 1 State Medical Boards

Appendix 2 Health Care Professional Organizations

Appendix 3 Associations for Major Diseases


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Court Cases in Alphabetical Order Index

Court Cases by Subject Index

About the Author

Karen Judson

Karen Judson, BS
Karen Judson taught biology laboratories at Black Hills University in Spearfish, South
Dakota; high school sciences in Idaho; and grades one and three in Washington state. She is
also a former laboratory and X-ray technician and completed two years of nurse’s training
while completing a degree in biology.
Judson has worked as a science writer since 1983. She has written relationship, family, and
psychology articles for a variety of magazines, including a series of high school classroom
magazines, making a total of 500 articles published. Judson writes science and relationship
books for teenagers (Enslow and Marshall Cavendish publishers). Her book for teens, Sports &
Money: It’s a Sell Out, made the New York City Public Library’s list of best books for teens in
1995. Her book for teens, Genetic Engineering, was chosen by the National Science Teachers’
Association as one of the best science books for children in 2001 and was featured on the
NSTA Web site.

Carlene Harrison

Carlene Harrison, EdD, CMA (AAMA)
Carlene Harrison is Dean of the School of Allied Health at Hodges University and is also
Program Director for the Master of Health Services Administration and Graduate Certificate
in Health Informatics. She has been a member of the faculty at Hodges University since 1992,
but came on board full time in 2000, serving first as Chair of the Medical Assisting Program.
As Dean of the School of Allied Health, she has overall responsibility for the following
degree programs: Health Services Administration, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Assisting,
Health Information Management, and Physical Therapist Assistant. Her doctorate is from
Argosy University. Her dissertation research looked at improvement in critical thinking in
adult learners.
Before becoming a full-time educator, Dr. Harrison worked for over 20 years in the health
care field as an administrator. Employed mostly in the outpatient setting, she has worked in
the for-profit, not-for-profit, and public health sectors.