Launching the Imagination 13 9780073379302
Launching the Imagination

Launching the Imagination

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 13
MHID: 0073379301 |  ISBN 13: 9780073379302

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New Features

New Worksheets - Author Mary Stewart has developed worksheets for each chapter that are designed to improve student comprehension and increase engagement. Each includes at least one section in which students must apply knowledge gained from the reading to their own artwork.

A distinctive Part Four, on 4D or time-based design, highlights this area of growing interest, with examples from film, installation, and computer art.

Key Features

"Key Questions" appear throughout the text (immediately following the relevant topics), probing students on key concepts and helping to reinforce and apply the material.

Provides a lively and concise introduction to the theory and practice of visual communication.

Presents a practical discussion of the materials available for 3-D design.

A Wealth of Art and Design Examples - More than 80% of Launching the Imagination's 600 illustrations are presented in full color.

Launching the Imagination is available in a comprehensive volume treating 2D design, Creativity and Problem-solving, 3D design, and time-based (4D) design; or in split volumes containing either 2D or 3D design, plus the material on Creativity and Problem-solving.

Lives and Careers.

Expands Online Learning Center to include the material formerly on the Core Concepts CD in MyArtStudio plus features chapter objectives, overview and related readings, flashcards, Internet exercises, key terms and student quizzing.

Clear and concise key questions at end of each major section of text.

Launching the Imagination

Preface xx

Introduction xvi

Part 1: Two-Dimensional Design

Chapter 1: Basic Elements

Chapter 2: The Element Of Color

Chapter 3: Principles of Two-Dimensional Design

Chapter 4: Illusion of Space and Illusion of Motion

Part 2: Concepts and Critical Thinking

Chapter 5: Problem Seeking and Problem Solving

Chapter 6: Cultivating Creativity

Chapter 7: Developing Critical Thinking

Chapter 8: Constructing Meaning

Part 3: Three-Dimensional Design

Chapter 9: Elements of Three-Dimensional Design

Chapter 10: Principles of Three-Dimensional Design

Chapter 11: Materials and Methods

Chapter 12: Physical and Cerebral

Part 4: Time Design

Chapter 13: Aspects and Elements of Time

Chapter 14: Narrative and Nonnarrative

Chapter 15: Interdisciplinary Arts






About the Author

Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart—author, artist, and educator—is the Foundations Program Director for the Art Department at Florida State University and co-founder of Integrative Teaching Thinktank, a national organization devoted to strengthening college-level teaching. She regularly gives workshops and lectures on creativity, curriculum design, visual communication, leadership and visual narrative. Her artwork has been shown in over eighty exhibitions nationally and internationally, and she has received two Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants for choreography. She received the FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) Master Educator award and the National Council of Arts Administrators Award of Distinction in 2009.