Latin for Americans Level 1, Student Edition 7 - 12 9780078281754
Latin for Americans Level 1, Student Edition

Latin for Americans Level 1, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 7 - 12
MHID: 007828175X |  ISBN 13: 9780078281754

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New Features

A carefully paced, logical presentation of Latin structure and grammar enables students to grasp concepts more easily.

Emphasis on derivatives helps expand students’ English vocabulary.

Group and Paired Activities encourage students to think critically and creatively and promote the active use of Latin.

Cultural readings provide your students with a knowledge of Rome’s influence on the modern world.

An Assessment section following each unit allows students to gauge their progress and prepare for Unit Tests.

A complete and concise review of Level I prepares students for the transition to Level II.

Latin for Americans Level 1, Student Edition

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Latin for Americans, Level 1

Unit I: The Roman World: Roman Italy

Lesson I: Roma et Italia
Lesson II: Sicilia
Lesson III: Anna et Rana
Lesson IV: Viae
Glimpses of Roman Life: Roman Roads and Travel
Unit I Review
Unit I Assessment

Unit II: Roman Influence

Lesson V: Roma
Lesson VI: Europa
Lesson VII: Columbus
Lesson VIII: Gallia
Lesson IX: Cornelia et Nauta
Glimpses of Roman Life: The Eternal City
Unit II Review
Unit II Assessment

Unit III: Romans at Home and Abroad

Lesson X: Lingua Latina
Lesson XI: Caesar in Britannia
Lesson XII: Pueri Romani
Lesson XIII: Servi
Lesson XIV: Aristoteles et Alexander
Lesson XV: Coloni Romani
Lesson XVI: Troia
Glimpses of Roman Life: Slavery
Unit III Review
Unit III Assessment

Unit IV: Roman Society

Lesson XVII: Romulus, Numa et Tullus
Lesson XVIII: Spartacus
Lesson XIX: Patronus et Clientes
Lesson XX: Romani
Lesson XXI: Amicitia
Glimpses of Roman Life: Signs of the Times
Unit IV Review
Unit IV Assessment

Unit V: Roman Poets, Gods, and Heroic Journeys

Lesson XII: Ceres et Proserpina
Lesson XIII: Lucius et Marcus
Lesson XIV: Plagosus Orbilius
Lesson XV: Aeneas
Lesson XVI: Poeta Clarus
Lesson XVII: Ad Italiam
Lesson XVIII: In Africa Aeneas Auxilium Accipit.
Glimpses of Roman Life: Dress and Appearance
Unit V Review
Unit V Assessment

Unit VI: Mission to a New World: Aeneas and Rome

Lesson XXIX: Aeneas et Dido
Lesson XXX: Aeneas Ad Inferos
Lesson XXXI: In Italia Aeneas Auxilium Accipit.
Lesson XXXII: Q. Fabius Maximus
Lesson XXXIII: Aeneas et Turnus
Lesson XXXIV: Niobe
Glimpses of Roman Life: The House and Its Furniture
Unit VI Review
Unit VI Assessment

Unit VII: Schools, Sites, and Sights in the Roman Empire

Lesson XXXV: Ludi Romani et Nostri
Lesson XXXVI: Templa Deorum
Lesson XXXVII: Colosseum
Lesson XXXVIII: Verus Romanus
Lesson XXXIX: Publius Publiae Sal.
Glimpses of Roman Life: Education
Unit VII Review
Unit VII Assessment

Unit VIII: Adventures Abroad and Life at Home

Lesson XL: Ulixes
Lesson XLI: Coloni
Lesson XLII: Plinius et Puer
Lesson XLIII: Publia Publio Sal.
Lesson XLIV: Circe
Glimpses of Roman Life: Amusements and Sports
Unit VIII Review
Unit VIII Assessment

Unit IX: The Adventures of Ulysses, Romulus, Remus, and Pyrrhus

Lesson XLV: Sirenes et Phaeacia
Lesson XLVI: Penelope
Lesson XLVII: Finis Laborum
Lesson XLVIII: Romulus et Remus
Lesson XLIX: Ceneas et Pyrrhus
Glimpses of Roman Life: Food and Meals
Unit IX Review
Unit IX Assessment

Unit X: Myths, Legends, and History of Early Greece and Rome

Review Reading: Dei Deaeque Romanorum
Lesson L: Saturnus et Iuppiter
Lesson LI: Caedicius Fortis
Lesson LII: Civitas Romana
Lesson LIII: Midas
Lesson LIV: Horatius
Glimpses of Roman Life: Religion
Unit X Review
Unit X Assessment

Unit XI: Roman Gods and Roman Heroes

Lesson LV: Alii Dei Deaeque
Lesson LVI: Cicero et Tiro
Lesson LVII: Quintus Cicero et Pomponia
Lesson LVIII: Cincinnatus
Lesson LIX: Bella
Lesson LX: Coriolanus
Glimpses of Roman Life: Agriculture and Commerce
Unit XI Review
Unit XI Assessment