Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach 13 9780078035067
Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

Grade Levels: 13
By Michael Park
Copyright: 2014
Publication Date: August 16, 2013
MHID: 0078035066
ISBN 13: 9780078035067

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New Features

Revised discussion on evolution

Revised discussion on culture in and diagrams in “Themes of Anthropology”

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An updated Online Learning Center features additional learning and teaching material, including a multiple choice and true/false quizzes, a chapter overview, and learning objectives for students; and an instructor manual, test banks, and PowerPoint presentations for instructors.

A new discussion of taxonomy.

Key Features

"Contemporary Issues" boxes

Vivid photographs and art

“How Anthropology Works: Methods of Inquiry”

"Notes, References, and Readings" sections at the end of each chapter include citations from the chapter as well as references to other sources of information on the chapter's topics for further study.

Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

PART ONE Anthropology: The Biocultural Study of the Human Species

Chapter 1 DOING ANTHROPOLOGY: Defining the Discipline

Chapter 2 HOW ANTHROPOLOGY WORKS: Methods of Inquiry



PART TWO The Identity and Nature of Our Species

Chapter 5 OUR PLACE IN NATURE: Humans as Primates

Chapter 6 EVOLUTION: The Large-Brained Primate

Chapter 7 REPRODUCTION: The Sexual Primate

Chapter 8 HUMAN VARIATION: Biological Diversity and Race

PART THREE Adapting to Our Worlds

Chapter 9 FOOD: Getting It, Growing It, Eating It, and Passing It Around

Chapter 10 THE NATURE OF THE GROUP: Arranging Our Families and Organizing Our People

Chapter 11 COMMUNICATION: Sharing What We Need to Know

Chapter 12 MAINTENANCE OF ORDER: Making the Worldview Real

Chapter 13 CULTURE CHANGE: Theories and Processes

Chapter 14 THE EVOLUTION OF OUR BEHAVIOR: Putting It All Together

Chapter 15 ANTHROPOLOGY IN TODAY’S WORLD: Problems and Contributions