IMPACT Mathematics, Course 1, Spanish Student Edition 6 - 8 9780078916069
IMPACT Mathematics, Course 1, Spanish Student Edition

IMPACT Mathematics, Course 1, Spanish Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 8
MHID: 0078916062 |  ISBN 13: 9780078916069

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New Features

Investigative Instruction
Hands-on exploration of real-world applications that allow student discovery of mathematics concepts while they make connections between different mathematical ideas.

Performance-Based Assessment
Evaluation based on what students know, understand, and show they can do.

Communication Skills
Curriculum that includes discussion and reflection as an integral piece of every step of instruction.

Alignment to NCTM Focal Points
In September 2006, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics released the Curriculum Focal Points, which define the most important mathematical topics for each grade level. IMPACT Mathematics has been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of mathematicians, teachers, and math coaches to ensure that it supports and aligns with the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points for grades 6-8.

IMPACT Mathematics, Course 1, Spanish Student Edition

Chapter 1 Polygons, Angles and Circles

Lesson 1.1 Patterns in Geometry

Lesson 1.2 Angles

Lesson 1.3 Measure Around

Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 2.1 Patterns in Fractions

Lesson 2.2 Patterns in Decimals

Lesson 2.3 Fractions and Decimal Equivalents

Chapter 3 Patterns, Numbers, and Rules

Lesson 3.1 Number Sense

Lesson 3.2 Patterns

Lesson 3.3 Variables and Rules

Lesson 3.4 Apply Properties

Chapter 4 Fraction and Decimal Operations

Lesson 4.1 Add and Subtract Fractions

Lesson 4.2 Multiply and Divide Fractions

Lesson 4.3 Multiply and Divide Decimals

Lesson 4.4 What is Typical?

Chapter 5 Rate, Ration, and Proportion

Lesson 5.1 Ratios and Rates

Lesson 5.2 Proportions

Lesson 5.3 Similarity and Congruence

Chapter 6 Percents

Lesson 6.1 Use Percents

Lesson 6.2 A Percent of a Quantity

Lesson 6.3 Percents and Wholes

Chapter 7 Area, Volume, and Capacity

Lesson 7.1 Squares

Lesson 7.2 Calculate Areas

Lesson 7.3 Surface Area and Volume

Lesson 7.4 Capacity

Chapter 8 Coordinate Plane

Lesson 8.1 Interpret Graphs

Lesson 8.2 Draw and Label Graphs

Lesson 8.3 Graph in Four Quadrants

Chapter 9 Equations

Lesson 9.1 Understanding Equations

Lesson 9.2 Backtracking

Lesson 9.3 Guess-Check-and-Improve

Chapter 10 Data and Probability

Lesson 10.1 Data Displays

Lesson 10.2 Collect and Analyze Data

Lesson 10.3 The Language of Chance

Lesson 10.4 Make Matches