Human Geography 13 9780078021466
Human Geography

Human Geography

Grade Levels: 13
By Mark Bjelland and Daniel Montello and Jerome Fellmann and Arthur Getis and Judith Getis
Copyright: 2014
Publication Date: January 11, 2013
MHID: 0078021464
ISBN 13: 9780078021466

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New Features

NEW AUTHOR- We are pleased to welcome Daniel Montello to the author team, beginning with the twelfth edition. Dr. Montello brings research experience in spatial cognition, environmental perception, behavioral geography, and geographic information science to enrich these important topics in human geography.

Chapters 7, 10, and 13 have been substantially reorganized, each chapter has been revised to improve readability, and every chapter contains at least brief text additions or modifications to reflect current data. All chapters contain new or revised illustrations, maps, and photos.

The twelfth edition contains many new and updated topics, including the following:

  • New Maps- Many existing maps have been updated for the twelfth edition of Human Geography.
  • New/Revised Topics- There are new and revised topics in the book. Details can be found in ‘detailed list of changes’ document in marketing docs
  • New Boxes- Many of the boxed elements in the text have been updated, and the following new boxes have been introduced:
    “Vancouver, Canada: Chinatown Versus Ethnoburb,” in Chapter 6
    “Eating Locally on the College Campus,” in Chapter 8
    “Where Do Your Clothes Come From?” In Chapter 9
    “What is Poverty?” In Chapter 10
    “Millennium Development Goals,” in Chapter 10
    “Sustainable Cities,” in Chapter 11
    “From Kyoto to Durban: Global Climate Change Treaties,” in Chapter 13

  • Key Features

    The “Key Concepts” alert students to the main themes of the chapter.

    Chapter introductions take the form of interest-arousing vignettes to focus student attention on the subject matter that follows.

    The boxed inserts that are part of each chapter expand on ideas included within the text or introduce related examples of chapter concepts and conclusions, often in gender-related contexts.

    Almost every chapter contains at least one special-purpose box labeled “Geography and Citizenship.” These boxes introduce a discussion of a topic of current national or international interest and conclude with a set of questions designed to induce thought and class discussion of the topic using human geographic insights students have mastered.

    Each chapter also includes other pedagogical aids. The “Summary” iterates the main points of the chapter and provides a bridge to the chapter that follows.

    Appendix B contains a modified version of the Population Reference Bureau’s 2008 World Population Data Sheet containing economic and demographic data and projections for countries, regions, and continents.

    Human Geography

    1 Introduction: Some Background Basics

    Part 1 Themes and Fundamentals of Human Geography

    2 Roots and Meaning of Culture

    3 Spatial Interaction and Spatial Behavior

    4 Population: World Patterns, Regional Trends

    Part 2 Patterns of Diversity and Unity

    5 Language and Religion: Mosaics of Culture

    6 Ethnic Geography: Threads of Diversity

    7 Cultural Identities and Cultural Landscapes: Diversity and Uniformity

    Part 3 Dynamic Patterns of the Space Economy

    8 Economic Geography: Primary Activities

    9 Economic Geography: Manufacturing and Services

    10 Economic Development and Change

    Part 4 Landscapes of Functional Organization

    11 Urban Systems and Urban Structures

    12 The Political Ordering of Space

    Part 5 Human Actions and Environmental Impacts

    13 Human Impacts on Natural Systems

    About the Author

    Mark Bjelland

    Mark Bjelland is a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College.

    Daniel Montello

    Daniel Montello is a professor at Univeristy of California.

    Jerome Fellmann

    Jerry Fellmann is deceased.

    Arthur Getis

    Arthur Getis is a retired professor from San Diego State University, San Diego.

    Judith Getis

    Judy Getis is now deceased. Judy was a professor at San Diego State University, San Diego.