Goodman's Five Star Stories Travels 6 - 12 9780890616444
Goodman's Five Star Stories Travels

Goodman's Five Star Stories Travels

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
By Burton Goodman
Copyright: 1999
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
MHID: 0890616442
ISBN 13: 9780890616444

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New Features

Build five important reading skills

  • Key story elements (main ideas and details, using the cloze procedure)
  • Literary elements (plot, character, setting, foreshadowing, theme, climax)
  • Critical thinking (drawing conclusions, making inferences, using story clues)
  • Vocabulary in context
  • Analyzing the writer’s craft

Help students visualize their progress

Progress charts and graphs provide motivation to succeed. Students have concrete evidence of their improved reading skills.

Students write in response to reading

Open-ended response activities at the end of every selection invite creativity. These activities support both writing and discussion.

Goodman's Five Star Stories Travels

To the Reader

The Short Story--Character, Plot and Setting

1. "Selling the Horse" by Don Juan Manuel

2. "The King and the Shoemaker" an old story

3. "Across Time" by Lael J. Littke

4. "Morning Sunshine" a story from West Africa

5. "Two Who Flew" a Greek myth

6. "The Queen's Garden" by Ellen C. Babbitt

7. "Work Well Done" a story from Russia

8. "The Snow Woman" an old story from Japan

Progress Chart

Progress Graph