Glencoe Health, A Guide to Wellness Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078238642
Glencoe Health, A Guide to Wellness Student Edition

Glencoe Health, A Guide to Wellness Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2003
Publication Date: March 18, 2002
MHID: 0078238641
ISBN 13: 9780078238642

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New Features

CNN Health News Articles expand on chapter topics to help students better understand their own health and the health of those around them. CNN Health News Video introduces students to professionals in the scientific community who provide their expertise and offer new information on important topics. Young people share their viewpoints about relevant health news today.

Character in Action is a new sidebar feature that gives students opportunities to practice and apply character education principles they have learned to their everyday situations. Quotations from classic and contemporary character models are in all chapter openers.

Key Features

Our Changing World features updated content reflected issues emanating from September 11.

Your Health Barometer asks students to evaluate their current behaviors and attitudes. Ending each chapter is a self-inventory follow-up to determine how their attitudes and behaviors have changed.

Health Skills Activities are correlated to the National Health Education Standards.

Making Responsible Decisions, in each chapter, presents a situation students resolve by using a six-step decision-making process.

Connections provide cross-curriculum activities, reading selections, and critical thinking questions.

Glencoe Health, A Guide to Wellness Student Edition

Unit 1: You and Your Health

Chapter 1 - Your Health and Wellness

CNN Health News: Doctors Learn Diversity

Chapter 2 - Making Healthful Choices

CNN Health News: The Winning Equation

Unit 2: Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Chapter 3 - Physical Fitness and Your Health

CNN Health News: Supplement Warning

Chapter 4 - Physical Activity for Life

CNN Health News: Playing It Safer

Chapter 5 - Nutrition and Your Health

CNN Health News: The Skinny on Healthy Eating

Chapter 6 - Food and Your Health

CNN Health News: Anorexia Warning

Chapter 7 - Personal Health

CNN Health News: Harmful Rays of Light

Unit 3: Mental and Emotional Health

Chapter 8 - Your Mental and Emotional Health

CNN Health News: Overcoming Fears

Chapter 9 - Managing Stress in Your Life

CNN Health News: Bullying in School

Chapter 10 - Mental and Emotional Problems

CNN Health News: Stolen Lives

Unit 4: Family and Social Health

Chapter 11 - Building Healthy Relationships

CNN Health News: Two-Way Dialogue

Chapter 12 - Healthy Family Relationships

CNN Health News: Balancing Family Stress

Chapter 13 - Peer Relationships

CNN Health News: Violence in Relationships

Chapter 14 - Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence

CNN Health News: Teens Taking Charge

Unit 5: Body Systems

Chapter 15 - Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

CNN Health News: Extreme Sports Arthritis

Chapter 16 - Your Nervous and Endocrine Systems

CNN Health News: Heads Up

Chapter 17 - Your Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

CNN Health News: Nothing to Sneeze At

Chapter 18 - Your Digestive and Urinary Systems

CNN Health News: Camera in a Capsule

Chapter 19 - Your Body's Reproductive System

CNN Health News: Fitness and Gender

Unit 6: Growth and Development

Chapter 20 - The Beginning of the Life Cycle

CNN Health News: Fighting Cancer

Chapter 21 - Adolescence-A Time of Change

CNN Health News: Please Get Your ZZZs

Chapter 22 - The Life Cycle Continues

CNN Health News: Living Longer and Better

Unit 7: Medicines and Drugs

Chapter 23 - Understanding Medicines

CNN Health News: Natural Cures

Chapter 24 - Tobacco

CNN Health News: Targeting Teens

Chapter 25 - Alcohol

CNN Health News: Home Safe from the Prom

Chapter 26 - Illegal Drugs

CNN Health News: No Joy in Ecstasy

Chapter 27 - Recovering from Addiction and Codependency

CNN Health News: Your Brain and Drugs

Unit 8: Diseases and Disorders

Chapter 28 - Infectious Diseases

CNN Health News: Disease Detectives

Chapter 29 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

CNN Health News: Study Rates STDs in the U.S.

Chapter 30 - HIV and AIDS

CNN Health News: A New Image of HIV

Chapter 31 - Noninfectious Diseases and Disabilities

CNN Health News: Adult Diseases, Young Bodies

Unit 9: Consumer Choices and Public Health

Chapter 32 - Consumer Choices and Public Health

CNN Health News: Internet Health Caution

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