Glencoe French Level 1: Bienvenue, Student Edition 7 - 12 9780026366786
Glencoe French Level 1: Bienvenue, Student Edition

Glencoe French Level 1: Bienvenue, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 7 - 12
MHID: 0026366789 |  ISBN 13: 9780026366786

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New Features

Vocabulary is presented chapter-by-chapter in logical thematic groupings. New vocabulary is introduced through beautifully illustrated visuals and then integrated into a context or setting.

The basic grammar for each chapter is incorporated into the theme of the chapter. Important structure points are reinforced in charts. Exercises are orchestrated to ensure that students progress from simple repetition to actual production of new grammatical structure.

In the Conversation section students practice their oral communications skills. Each Conversation is followed by a Prononciation section and set of communicative activities.

The Lecture et Culture and Réalités sections provide information on everyday life and culture in the francophone world.

The Culmination section offers oral and written activities which test the students' mastery of the chapter's communicative goals. Review exercises are also provided.

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