Geography: The World and Its People, Student Edition 6 - 9 9780078215407
Geography: The World and Its People, Student Edition

Geography: The World and Its People, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 6 - 9
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2002
Publication Date: May 11, 2001
MHID: 0078215404
ISBN 13: 9780078215407

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Geography: The World and Its People, Student Edition

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NGS Reference


Geography Handbook

How Do I Study Geography?

Using Globes and Maps

Learning Map Basics Using Graphs, Diagrams, and Charts

 Geographic Dictionary

Unit 1 Geography of the World

Chapter 1 Looking at the Earth Thinking Like a Geographer The Earth in Space The Earth’s Structure Landforms

Chapter 2 Water, Climate, and Vegetation The Water Planet Climate Climate Zones and Vegetation

Chapter 3 The World’s People Culture Population Resources and World Trade People and the Environment

Unit 2 The United States and Canada

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 4 The United States A Vast, Scenic Land An Economic Leader The Americans

Chapter 5 Canada Landforms of the North A Resource-Rich Country The Canadians

Unit 3 Latin America

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 6 Mexico Mexico’s Land and Economy Mexico’s History and Government Mexico Today

Chapter 7 Central America and the West Indies Central America The West Indies

Chapter 8 Brazil and Its Neighbors Brazil Argentina Caribbean South America Uruguay and Paraguay

Chapter 9 The Andean Countries Colombia Peru and Ecuador Bolivia and Chile

Unit 4 Europe

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 10 Western Europe The United Kingdom The Republic of Ireland France Germany, Switzerland, and Austria The Benelux Countries

Chapter 11 Southern Europe Spain and Portugal Italy Greece

Chapter 12 Northern Europe Norway, Sweden, and Finland Denmark and Iceland

Chapter 13 Eastern Europe Poland The Baltic Republics Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia The Balkan Countries Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova

Unit 5 Russia

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 14 Russia A Eurasian Country The Russian Land Russia’s Economic Regions

Chapter 15 Russia Past and Present A Troubled History A New Russia

Unit 6 North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 16 North Africa Egypt Libya and the Maghreb

Chapter 17 Southwest Asia Turkey Israel Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan The Arabian Peninsula Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan

Chapter 18 The Caucasus and Central Asia Republics of the Caucasus Central Asian Republics

Unit 7 Africa South of the Sahara

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 19 West Africa Nigeria The Sahel Countries Coastal Countries   

Chapter 20 Central Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo Other Countries of Central Africa

Chapter 21 East Africa Kenya Tanzania Inland East Africa The Horn of Africa

Chapter 22 South Africa and Its Neighbors Republic of South Africa Atlantic Countries Inland Southern Africa Indian Ocean Countries

Unit 8 Asia NGS Atlas

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 23 South Asia India Pakistan and Bangladesh Other Countries of South Asia

Chapter 24 China China’s Land and Climate China’s New Economy China’s People and Culture China’s Neighbors

Chapter 25 Japan and the Koreas Japan The Two Koreas

Chapter 26 Southeast Asia Mainland Southeast Asia Island Southeast Asia Indonesia

Unit 9 Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica

        NGS Atlas

Chapter 27 Australia and New Zealand Australia New Zealand

Chapter 28 Oceania and Antarctica Oceania Antarctica




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