Gear Up, Early Fluency Kit 4: Kit with Guided Reading Lesson Plans 2 9781404536340
This K-3 guided reading program includes carefully leveled books specifically designed to help students learn and practice the skills appropriate for each stage of reading development. These innovative student books are accompanied by comprehensive lesson plans – one for each title – that include explicit skill activities for phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, word study, comprehension, and oral reading fluency. Kit includes: 6 copies each of 16 student books 1 each of 16 Guided Reading lesson plans Gear Up! Guided Reading Program Overview book Gear Up! for Guided Reading DVD
Gear Up, Early Fluency Kit 4: Kit with Guided Reading Lesson Plans

Gear Up, Early Fluency Kit 4: Kit with Guided Reading Lesson Plans

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 2
MHID: 1404536345 |  ISBN 13: 9781404536340

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Vinyl Folder, Grade K 9780322027336 16
Gr Level Divider/k 9780322052666 1
Gr Level Divider/l 9780322052673 1
Gr Level Divider/m 9780322052680 1
Gr Level Divider/n 9780322052697 1
Gear Up/pkg/box 9781404519480 1
Gear Up/pkg/lid 9781404519497 1
Gear Up, Gear Up! for Guided Reading DVD 9781404520790 1
GEAR UP - OVERVIEW 9781404536364 1
Gear Up, Early Fluency Kit 4: Guided Reading Lesson Plan Set 9781404536609 1
Gear Up, (Level K) Time for Carter to Barter, 6-pack 9781404540910 1
Gear Up, (Level K) The History of Money, 6-pack 9781404540927 1
Gear Up, (Level K) Cork, 6-pack 9781404540934 1
Gear Up, (Level K) Wild Horses!, 6-pack 9781404540941 1
Gear Up, (Level L) Tornado Warning!, 6-pack 9781404540958 1
Gear Up, (Level L) Right Place, Right Time, 6-pack 9781404540965 1
Gear Up, (Level L) Elm River Airport, 6-pack 9781404540972 1
Gear Up, (Level L) Buying and Building Airplanes, 6-pack 9781404540989 1
Gear Up, (Level M) Dr. Faucet and the Case of the Missing Drops, 6-pack 9781404540996 1
Gear Up, (Level M) The Water Cycle, 6-pack 9781404541009 1
Gear Up, (Level M) Both Sides of the Story, 6-pack 9781404541016 1
Gear Up, (Level M) A Park for Everyone, 6-pack 9781404541023 1
Gear Up, (Level N) A Pennsylvania Diary: Life in the Colonies, 6-pack 9781404541030 1
Gear Up, (Level N) A Biography of Benjamin Banneker, 6-pack 9781404541047 1
Gear Up, (Level N) A Bridge of Grass, 6-pack 9781404541054 1
Gear Up, (Level N) Bridges, 6-pack 9781404541061 1