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Families Today, Student Edition

Families Today, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 10 - 12
By Connie Sasse and McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2004
Publication Date: January 8, 2003
MHID: 0078298407
ISBN 13: 9780078298400

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New Features

Provides students with the information and skills they need to handle the challenges of today. It emphasizes acting responsibly, using values as guideposts, building character, and constantly improving relationship skills.

Students use checklists to rate personal progress with directed thinking, communication, leadership and management skills.

Leads students through a range of topics for Family and Interpersonal Relationships courses: families and society, balancing work and family life, conflict resolution, solving problems, divorce, building a strong marriage and more.

Families Today, Student Edition

Chapter 1: Families, Society, and You

Chapter 2: Families Make a Difference

Chapter 3: Family Characteristics

Chapter 4: Families in a Changing World

Chapter 5: Roles and Relationships

Chapter 6: Improving Communication

Chapter 7: Resolving Conflicts

Chapter 8: Building Family Relationships

Chapter 9: Solving Problems in Your Life

Chapter 10: Managing Technology

Chapter 11: Balancing Work and Family Life

Chapter 12: The Challenge of Change

Chapter 13: Divorce and Remarriage

Chapter 14: Handling Crises

Chapter 15: Understanding Death

Chapter 16: Working With Others

Chapter 17: Relating to Older Adults

Chapter 18: You and Your Friends

Chapter 19: Understanding Love

Chapter 20: Understanding Sexuality

Chapter 21: Development Lasts a Lifetime

Chapter 22: A Closer Look at You

Chapter 23: Developing Character

Chapter 24: Supporting Your Community

Chapter 25: On Your Own

Chapter 26: Health and Wellness

Chapter 27: Managing Money

Chapter 28: Consumer Skills

Chapter 29: Thinking About a Career

Chapter 30: Selecting a Partner

Chapter 31: Choosing Marriage

Chapter 32: Building a Strong Marriage

Chapter 33: The Parenting Question

Chapter 34: Skillful Parenting

About the Author

Connie Sasse


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