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Exploring Social Psychology

Exploring Social Psychology

Grade Levels: 13
By David Myers
Copyright: 2015
Publication Date: March 27, 2014
MHID: 0077825454
ISBN 13: 9780077825454

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New Features

New coverage of growing individualism within cultures explains how cultures can change over time, with some becoming more individualistic.

New and updated discussions on aggression and two key factors connected to aggression shows how such factors as watching video games and having a poor diet can affect aggression.

Expanded coverage of psychology and climate change explains the psychological effects of and public opinion about climate change.

Key Features

Concise yet comprehensive coverage of social psychology presents key social psychological concepts in short, digestible modules.

Introduces social psychology in a conversational, essay format draws readers into the material with a voice and tone that is solidly scientific while also being thoughtful and provocative.

Explores such thought provoking topics as love and hate, conformity and independence, prejudice and helping, and persuasion and self-determination so that whether students are interested in pursuing a career in psychology or another field, they will find topics of interest to them and that apply to their everyday lives.

Offers technology components such as videos and interactive exercises that are designed to assist students in their comprehension of material presented in the book.

Supplement this title with Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Social Psychology, 5/e (ISBN: 1259359611, eBook: 9781308515595) This volume examines fundamental questions about the social nature of our existence from the unique perspective of social psychology.

Exploring Social Psychology

Myers' Exploring Social Psychology, 7th Edition



Introducing Social Psychology

MODULE 1 Doing Social Psychology

MODULE 2 Did You Know It All Along?


Social Thinking

MODULE 3 Self-Concept: Who Am I?

MODULE 4 Self-Serving Bias

MODULE 5 The Power of Positive Thinking

MODULE 6 The Fundamental Attribution Error

MODULE 7 The Powers and Perils of Intuition

MODULE 8 Reasons for Unreason

MODULE 9 Behavior and Belief

MODULE 10 Clinical Intuition

MODULE 11 Clinical Therapy: The Powers of Social Cognition


Social Influence

MODULE 12 Human Nature and Cultural Diversity

MODULE 13 Gender, Genes, and Culture

MODULE 14 How Nice People Get Corrupted

MODULE 15 Two Routes to Persuasion

MODULE 16 Indoctrination and Inoculation

MODULE 17 The Mere Presence of Others

MODULE 18 Many Hands Make Diminished Responsibility

MODULE 19 Doing Together What We Would Not Do Alone

MODULE 20 How Do Groups Intensify Decisions?

MODULE 21 Power to the Person


Social Relations

MODULE 22 The Reach of Prejudice

MODULE 23 The Roots of Prejudice

MODULE 24 The Nature and Nurture of Aggression

MODULE 25 Does the Media Influence Social Behavior?

MODULE 26 Who Likes Whom?

MODULE 27 The Ups and Downs of Love

MODULE 28 Causes of Conflict

MODULE 29 Blessed Are the Peacemakers

MODULE 30 When Do People Help?

MODULE 31 Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future

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About the Author

David Myers

David Myers is the John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College where he has taught for the past 30 years.  David Myers' love of teaching psychology has been rewarded by students on many occasions with numerous “Outstanding Professor” awards.  An award-winning researcher, Dr. Myers received the Gordon Allport Prize from Division 9 of the American Psychological Association for his work on group polarization.  His scientific articles have appeared in more than two dozen journals, including Science, American Scientist, Psychological Bulletin, and Psychological Science.  He has served his discipline as consulting editor to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.