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Experience Spanish (Student Edition)

Experience Spanish (Student Edition)

Grade Levels: 13
By María Amores and José Luis Suárez-García and Anne Wendel
Copyright: 2015
Publication Date: November 21, 2014
MHID: 0073534447
ISBN 13: 9780073534442

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New Features

Model pronunciation (audio) for vocabulary words is now accessible for students right in the eBook, with a play button next to each vocabulary word.

Experiencia integral punctuates each grammar activity chain and pulls together language and culture. Carefully scaffolded, Experiencia integral begins with “Antes de leer” (before reading) and culminates in highly communicative pair and group work.

Nota cultural and Nota interdisciplinaria are short, comprehensible readings followed by pair work perfect for the communicative classroom.

Entrada cultural provides the basics on the chapters' country of focus; Expresiones artísticas exposes students to fine art; and Lectura cultural helps students decode, comprehend, and discuss authentic reading selections.

The Concurso de videoblogs is based on a fictional contest in which bloggers are competing to win the prize for best cultural documentary. The video segments have been shortened and additional Connect activities added to create more engaging viewing experience outside of class.

The Conexiones culturales en vivo video segments have been shortened and new Connect activities added.

New in-class listening activities, Connect writing activities and Expresiones artísticas Connect activities have been added to the program.

New quiz activities now available within Connect.

Key Features

Vocabulary is presented and contextualized through full-page drawings rendered in contemporary style (Vocabulario en acción).

Before each grammar point, contextualized short dialogues or cultural readings (Gramática en acción) are presented to illustrate the target concepts, allowing students to experience the meaning in context before focusing on the forms and rules.

An interactive ebook, the complete Workbook/Lab Manual, grammar tutorials, and all the audio and video materials.

LearnSmart, the only super-adaptive learning tool on the market, is proven to significantly enhance students’ learning and improve course outcomes. Available within Connect Spanish and as a mobile app, LearnSmart provides students with targeted feedback specific to their individual performance, and additional practice in areas where students need help the most.

A comprehensive gradebook to view your assignment results.

Voice Board and Blackboard IM, two powerful tools integrated into Connect Spanish, promote communication and collaboration outside the classroom.

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, our immersive online game for Introductory Spanish available online and as a mobile-ready app (additional cost).

Experience Spanish (Student Edition)

Capítulo 1 ¿Qué estudias?


Los saludos, las presentaciones y las despedidas

El abecedario

Los números de 0 a 30

En el salón de clase

Las materias y las carreras

Actividades típicas en la universidad

Los edificios y los lugares

Los días de la semana

¿Qué hora es?


Nouns, Articles, Gender, and Number

Subject Pronouns and the Verb ser

Descriptive and Possessive Adjectives

Present Tense of Regular -ar Verbs

Culture: Hispanics in the United States

Capítulo 2 ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?


Los pasatiempos y los deportes

Los colores

¿Qué tiempo hace?

Los meses del año, las estaciones y las fechas

Los números de 31 a 100


Present Tense of Regular -er and -ir Verbs

Ir + a + infinitive

The Verb estar

The Present Progressive

Cultura: México

Capítulo 3 La vida diaria


Los quehaceres domésticos

Los aparatos domésticos

¿Con qué frecuencia?

Las distracciones y otros pasatiempos


Deber/Necesitar + infinitive

Tener, venir, preferir, and querer

More Stem Changing Verbs

Hacer, poner, oír, salir, traer, and ver

Capítulo 4 ¿Cómo es su familia?


Las relaciones familiares

Los números a partir de 100

Para describir a la gente

Otras relaciones familiares

Los eventos familiares

El estado civil


Ser and estar Compared

The Verbs saber and conocer

Por and para

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Cultura: España

Capítulo 5 ¡Hogar, dulce hogar!


Las viviendas

Los cuartos y los muebles de la casa

Otras preposiciones de lugar


Nota comunicativa: Ordinal Numbers

Direct Object Pronouns

Reflexive Verbs


Nota comunicativa: Superlatives

Capítulo 6 ¡A comer!


La comida

Las bebidas

En la mesa y las comidas

En el restaurante


Indirect Object Pronouns

Double Object Pronouns

Preterite: Regular Verbs

Cultura: El Caribe: Cuba, Puerto Rico, la República Dominicana y Venezuela

Capítulo 7 ¡Vamos de compras!


La ropa

Otra ropa y complementos

Las tallas

Las telas y los materiales

Los diseños y los colores

De compras


Preterite: Irregular Verbs

Preterite: Stem Changing Verbs

Impersonal and Passive se

Capítulo 8 En la comunidad


La comunidad urbana y las afueras

Otros lugares y las direcciones

Los medios de transporte

La comunidad rural


Tú Commands



Cultura: Centroamérica

Capítulo 9 Recuerdos del pasado


Las relaciones sentimentales

Las etapas de la vida

Otros pasatiempos y diversiones


More on por and para

Indefinite and Negative Words

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Capítulo 10 ¡Salgamos a explorar!


En el aeropuerto

Los viajes

De vacaciones

Los tipos de turismo


Present Perfect

Hace + time + que

Formal Commands

Cultura: Los países andinos: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú

Capítulo 11 La música, el arte y las celebraciones


Los días festivos

Para celebrar

Las artes

Los artistas y otras personas


Introduction to the Subjunctive

Present Subjunctive: Volition

Present Subjunctive: Emotion

Capítulo 12 El bienestar


El cuerpo humano

Las enfermedades y los síntomas

El cuidado médico

El cuidado personal

Las emociones


Present Subjunctive: More About Impersonal Expressions

Present Subjunctive: Doubt, Denial, and Uncertainty

More About gustar and Similar Verbs

Cultura: El Cono Sur: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay

Capítulo 13 Nuestro futuro


Las profesiones y los oficios

Las habilidades y destrezas

La búsqueda de trabajo

El lugar de trabajo

Las responsabilidades


The Future Tense

Present Subjunctive After Temporal Conjunctions

Present Subjunctive in Adjectival Clauses with Indefinite Antecedents

Capítulo 14 Nosotros y el mundo natural


La geografía, la naturaleza y el medio ambiente

Los problemas ambientales

Maneras de mejorar el medio ambiente


Present Subjunctive After Conjunctions of Contingency and Purpose

Review of the Subjunctive

Cultura: El Cono Sur: La cultura hispana global

Capítulo 15 La vida moderna


Los avances tecnológicos

Los retos de la vida moderna

Las cuentas y los gastos



Si clauses

About the Author

María Amores

María Amores received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently an Associate Professor of Spanish at West Virginia University, where she has been since 1995, and where she is the Supervisor of the Spanish Graduate Teaching Assistants and Coordinator of the Basic Spanish Program.

José Luis Suárez-García

José Luis Suárez-García received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently a Professor of Spanish and Graduate Coordinator at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He regularly teaches Spanish Golden Age and other courses Peninsular Literature and Culture, has taught Spanish language at all levels, and has published several articles and editions of Spanish Golden Age texts, medieval bibliography, poetic and dramatic theory, and contemporary theatre. He published two manuals as a co-author with McGraw-Hill for the second edition of Nuevos destinos and was a contributing writer for the fourth edition of Pasajes.

Anne Wendel