Essentials of The Living World 13 9780073525471
Essentials of The Living World

Essentials of The Living World

Grade Levels: 13
By George Johnson
Copyright: 2013
Publication Date: August 31, 2012
MHID: 0073525472
ISBN 13: 9780073525471

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New Features

NEW!!! The student’s learning path through each chapter is a journey that attempts to convert learning objectives into realized learning outcomes.

  • Each chapter is now broken into conceptual blocks, each block introduced with a targeted learning objective that pinpoints the concept or process that is the focus of the block.
  • Each block is completed with a “putting the concept to work” question that requires the student to draw a conclusion from what he or she has learned.
  • The success of this transformation is assessed again at the end of the chapter, where each learning objective is linked to a specific learning outcome summarized at the end of the chapter, and to Bloom-based end of-chapter questions, each linked to a specific learning outcome in Connect.

NEW!!! LearnSmart for Johnson: Essentials of the Living World, 4e
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  • Measure - Assess and monitor students levels.
  • Adapt - Provide interactive assessments based on strengths & weaknesses.
  • Empower - Map out a personalized plan for successful learning.

Key Features

Linking Arrows Bold GREEN and BLUE Arrows point a student to an earlier place in the text or to an upcoming topic where an important related concept or finding has been or will be discussed.

Inquiry and Analysis - This feature appears at the end of all chapters and is intended to help students with developing their skills in analyzing and interpreting data. The author provides a 2-page discussion on the presentation of data in Chapter 1, introducing the students to the concepts of variables, relationships between variables, and presentation of data in various types of graphs. To reinforce this concept, the Inquiry and Analysis sections present the student with experimental data and help them analyze the data with a set of questions that walks them through the data.

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New more accessible design

Essentials of The Living World

0 Studying Biology
Part 1 The Study of Life
1 The Science of Biology
Part 2 The Living Cell
2 The Chemistry of Life
3 Molecules of Life
4 Cells
5 Energy and Life
6 Photosynthesis: Acquiring Energy from the Sun
7 How Cells Harvest Energy from Food
Part 3 The Continuity of Life
8 Mitosis
9 Meiosis
10 Foundations of Genetics
11 DNA: The Genetic Material
12 How Genes Work
13 The New Biology
Part 4 The Evolution and Diversity of Life
14 Evolution and Natural Selection
15 Exploring Biological Diversity
16 Evolution of Microbial Life
17 Evolution of Plants
18 Evolution of Animals
Part 5 The Living Environment
19 Populations and Communities
20 Ecosystems
21 Behavior and the Environment
22 How Humans Influence the Living World
Part 6 Animal Life
23 The Animal Body and How It Moves
24 Circulation
25 Respiration
26 The Path of Food Through the Animal Body
27 Maintaining the Internal Environment
28 How the Animal Body Defends Itself
29 The Nervous System
30 Chemical Signaling Within the Animal Body
31 Reproduction and Development
Part 7 Plant Life
32 Plant Form and Function
33 Plant Reproduction and Growth

About the Author

George Johnson

George B. Johnson, Ph.D., is a professor of biology at Washington University in St. Louis and a professor of genetics at the university's School of Medicine. He is a prolific author of life science texts and curriculum products in a variety of media. New to his list of works are the Explorations of Human Biology CD-ROM and the textbook Human Biology, both offered by Wm. C. Brown Publishers. Johnson is acknowledged as an authority on population genetics and evolution variability, and he has published more than 50 research papers dealing with these and related topics. Visitors to the St. Louis Zoo can appreciate Johnson's work in the Living World, the educational center of which he is the founding director.