Electricity: Principles & Applications w/ Student Data CD-Rom https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_250-high/0077567625.jpeg 13 9780077567620
Electricity: Principles & Applications w/ Student Data CD-Rom

Electricity: Principles & Applications w/ Student Data CD-Rom

Grade Levels: 13
By Richard Fowler
Copyright: 2013
Publication Date: January 26, 2012
MHID: 0077567625
ISBN 13: 9780077567620

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New Features

MORE examples, self-test questions and Chapter review questions and problems in every Chapter!

An expanded section on energy efficiency now includes information on neon light bulbs and LEDs.

New! Coverage on Fuel Cells.

Examples emphasizing C, V, and Q relationships and RC time constants.

More examples showing how to use "powers of 10". 

When to italicize a symbol (abbreviation) used in formulas.

Advantage of using the current divider formula.

Electricity: Principles & Applications w/ Student Data CD-Rom

Ch. 1: Basic Concepts

Ch. 2: Electrical Quantities and Units

Ch. 3: Basic Circuits, Laws and Measurements

Ch. 4: Circuit Components

Ch. 5: Multiple-Load Circuits

Ch. 6: Complex-Circuit Analysis

Ch. 7: Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Ch. 8: Alternate Current and Voltage

Ch. 9: Power in AC Circuits

Ch. 10: Capacitance

Ch. 11: Inductance

Ch. 12: Transformers

Ch. 13: R, C, and L Circuits

Ch. 14: Electric Motors

Ch. 15: Instruments and Measurements

Ch. 16: Residential Wiring Concepts

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About the Author

Richard Fowler

Richard Fowler (Centennial, CO) MCSD, MCT, is President of Nugget Software, Inc. Richard has served as a Technical Architect, a Senior Analyst and a Senior Systems Manager in his previous positions and now provides custom software and support for the clients of Nugget Software, with a focus on VB and SQL Middle Tier Components, and VB controls.