Economics: Principles and Practices, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078606939
Economics: Principles and Practices, Student Edition

Economics: Principles and Practices, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2005
Publication Date: January 14, 2004
MHID: 0078606934
ISBN 13: 9780078606939

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New Features

Connect economic concepts to real life with Case Studies and People features that make the study of economics fun, relevant, and interesting. Careers features include updated job titles and salary information.

Select appropriate teaching tools at the point of instruction with the Teacher Wraparound Edition.

Capture your students’ attention with StudentWorks™ CD-ROM that combines the Interactive Student Edition, the activity workbooks, and the Student Presentation Builder into one easy-to-use tool.

Integrate Internet support with Economics Online Activities, a book-specific Web site (

Economics: Principles and Practices, Student Edition

Unit 1 Fundamental Economic Concepts

Chapter 1 What Is Economics?

Chapter 2 Economic Systems and Decision Making

Chapter 3 Business Organizations

Unit 2 Microeconomics

Chapter 4 Demand

Chapter 5 Supply Chapter 6 Prices and Decision Making

Chapter 7 Market Structures

Unit 3 Macroeconomics: Institutions

Chapter 8 Employment, Labor, and Wages

Chapter 9 Sources of Government Revenue

Chapter 10 Government Spending

Chapter 11 Money and Banking

Chapter 12 Financial Markets

Unit 4 Macroeconomics: Policies

Chapter 13 Economic Performance

Chapter 14 Economic Instability

Chapter 15 The Fed and Monetary Policy

Chapter 16 Achieving Economic Stability

Unit 5 International and Global Economics

Chapter 17 International Trade

Chapter 18 Comparative Economic Systems

Chapter 19 Developing Countries

Chapter 20 Global Economic Challenges

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