Doors to Discovery, Sound, Rhyme, and Letter Time Kit PreK 9780322098015
Doors to Discovery, Sound, Rhyme, and Letter Time Kit

Doors to Discovery, Sound, Rhyme, and Letter Time Kit

National EDITION
Grade Levels: PreK
MHID: 0322098017 |  ISBN 13: 9780322098015

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Doors/prog Pkg 9780322048430 1
Doors to Discovery, Alphabet Frieze 9780322048478 1
Doors/pkg Handle 9780322074545 1
Wg Rsc 21 1/4x16 3/8x6 3/8 9780322081574 1
Alphabet Chart 9780322090545 1
Sound Rhyme And Letter Time Teacher Guide 9780322090552 1
Doors/alpha Kit Pkg Insert 9780322090569 1
Alphabet Posters 9780322090514 1
Nursery Rhyme Posters 9780322090538 1
Doors/alpha Kit Pkg Lbl 9780322090576 1

About the Author

Catherine Valentino

Cathy Valentino taught at the preschool, elementary, and middle school levels in California and Rhode Island. She served for three years as a demonstration teacher and program developer in Coventry, RI. From 1976-1984, Cathy was Assistant Superintendent for Instruction in grades K-12 in North Kingston, RI. As a speaker at literacy conferences, a workshop leader, and a teacher trainer, Cathy has traveled to all 50 states and 30 countries. She has presented topics including integrating content across the curriculum, science, mathematics, early childhood education, reading, language arts, and gifted education. Cathy is author and co-author of more than 40 books and related educational materials.

Jan Parish

Jan Parish is a WG/MGH trainer/consultant. Her focus has been on shared literacy, shared reading, and early literacy.

James Christie

Kathy Roskos

Carol Vukelich