Discovering Life Skills, Student Edition 6 - 7 9780078744631
Discovering Life Skills, Student Edition

Discovering Life Skills, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 6 - 7
By Glencoe
Copyright: 2007
Publication Date: January 3, 2006
MHID: 0078744636
ISBN 13: 9780078744631

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New Features

The content of Discovering Life Skills may be used along with popular modules often used in middle schools.

Career Choices pages provide information about four careers related to the chapter, along with activities that link career choices to school and the workplace.

Discover pages offer students an opportunity to apply their learning to a practical life skill by developing and implementing a plan and evaluating the result.

Closer Look provides students an in-depth view of need-to-know topics such as how to say "NO", handling stress, organizing your closet, and practicing good citizenship skills.

Internet Activities encourage students to search for information on the Internet related to the content of each chapter.

Making Connections provides the curriculum links between Family and Consumer Sciences to Math, Science and Social Studies.

Discovering Life Skills, Student Edition

Unit 1: Focusing on You

Chapter 1 Discovering Yourself

Chapter 2 Your Family

Chapter 3 Your Friendships

Chapter 4 Communicating With Others

Chapter 5 Citizenship & Leadership

Chapter 6 Managing Your Life

Unit 2: Charting Your Future

Chapter 7 Exploring Careers

Chapter 8 Employability Skills

Chapter 9 Caring for Children

Chapter 10 Babysitting Basics

Chapter 11 Managing Your Money

Chapter 12 Managing Your Resources

Chapter 13 Your Living Space

Chapter 14 Your Environment

Unit 3: Exploring Fashion & Clothing

Chapter 15 Your Fashion Statement

Chapter 16 Clothing Basics

Chapter 17 Preparing to Sew

Chapter 18 Sewing & Serging Basics

Chapter 19 Expressing Creativity

Unit 4: Investigating Food & Nutrition

Chapter 20 Nutrition & Wellness

Chapter 21 Health & Fitness

Chapter 22 Working in the Kitchen

Chapter 23 Preparing to Cook

Chapter 24 Cooking Basics

Chapter 25 Microwave Basics