Creative Living Skills, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078615818
Creative Living Skills, Student Edition

Creative Living Skills, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By Sue Couch and Ginny Felstehausen and Patricia Clark and McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2006
Publication Date: September 10, 2004
MHID: 007861581X
ISBN 13: 9780078615818

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New Features

High school comprehensive course with emphasis on management of resources such as time, money, information and technology.

Includes new content on teamwork and leadership, life-span development, and interpersonal skills.

Offers flexible course organization so that teachers may choose Unit/Chapter sequence to fit course requirements.

When used for a management or independent living course, may be paired with LIFE On Your Own, a worktext presenting real-life situations for students to practice dealing with them.

Creative Living Skills, Student Edition

Unit 1-Personal Growth

Chapter 1 Making the Most of Your Life

Chapter 2 Taking Care of Yourself

Chapter 3 Developing Character

Chapter 4 Making a Difference

Unit 2—Management Skills

Chapter 5 Learning to Manage

Chapter 6 Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Chapter 7 Managing Time and Money

Chapter 8 Managing Technology and Information

Unit 3—Pathways to Career Success

Chapter 9 Careers in a Changing World

Chapter 10 Exploring Career Paths

Chapter 11 Finding a Job

Chapter 12 Success in the Workplace

Chapter 13 Balancing Multiple Roles

Unit 4—Interpersonal Skills

Chapter 14 Successful Relationships

Chapter 15 Communication Skills

Chapter 16 Teamwork and Leadership Skills

Chapter 17 Peer Pressure and Refusal Skills

Chapter 18 Conflict Resolution Skills

Unit 5—Relationships in Your Life

Chapter 19 Your Family Ties

Chapter 20 Challenges for Families

Chapter 21 Your Friendships

Chapter 22 Dating and Marriage

Chapter 23 People in the Workplace

Unit 6—Parenting and Caregiving Skills

Chapter 24 Life Span Development

Chapter 25 Providing Care

Chapter 26 Nurturing and Guiding

Chapter 27 Responsibilities of Parenthood

Unit 7—Consumer Skills

Chapter 28 Consumer Issues

Chapter 29 Advertising

Chapter 30 Shopping Skills

Chapter 31 Financial Management

Chapter 32 Using Credit Wisely

Unit 8—Wellness, Nutrition, and Food Choices

Chapter 33 Health and Wellness

Chapter 34 Nutrient Needs

Chapter 35 Guidelines for Food Choices

Chapter 36 Planning Meals and Snacks

Chapter 37 Shopping for Food

Chapter 38 Safe Kitchen, Safe Food

Chapter 39 Food Preparation Basics

Chapter 40 Serving Meals

Unit 9—Clothing and Fashion Choices

Chapter 41 Creating Your Look

Chapter 42 Fashion and Design

Chapter 43 Shopping for Clothes

Chapter 44 Fabrics and Their Care

Chapter 45 Sewing Basics

Unit 10—Housing and Transportation Choices

Chapter 46 Choosing a Place to Live

Chapter 47 Designing Living Space

Chapter 48 Home Care and Safety

Chapter 49 Choosing Transportation

Chapter 50 Protecting the Environment

About the Author

Sue Couch

Ginny Felstehausen

Patricia Clark


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