Creating & Understanding Drawings 9 - 12 9780026622332
Creating & Understanding Drawings

Creating & Understanding Drawings

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 9 - 12
MHID: 0026622335 |  ISBN 13: 9780026622332

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New Features

The full-color layout highlights culturally diverse drawings and exceptional student artwork that motivate your students.

A new organization of the text combines the studio experience your students want with the strong philosophical base they want.

New material on animation and an emphasis on careers in art make this program more relevant than ever before.

Key Features

Shapening Your Skills showcases fine art, often with detailed callouts that explain drawing techniques; your students will enhance their competencies as they learn about the drawing process.

Studio Projects include self-assessment questions that encourage students to view their work critically.

Art Online provides appropriate Internet connections for each unit, while Technology Options help students learn how to use the latest tools and techniques for their Studio Projects.

Creating & Understanding Drawings

Text Chapter Titles

1 Drawing and the Visual Vocabulary

2 Drawing Media

3 Learning to Draw

4 Art Criticism and Aesthetics

5 Acting as an Imitationalist

6 Creating Imitational Drawings

7 Acting as a Formalist

8 Creating Formal Drawings

9 Acting as an Emotionalist

10 Creating Expressive Drawings

11 Drawings and Art History

12 Drawing and Technology

13 Cartooning and Animation

14 Careers in Art