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Grade Levels: 13
MHID: 0073523879 |  ISBN 13: 9780073523873

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New Features

New “Consider This” boxes throughout the text encourage students to think critically about such topics as active listening, language clarity, networking, and the importance of public speaking.

New “Another Point of View” boxes give students additional information on select topics including sharing in the digital age, how individuals perceive reality, nonverbal cues, and how to deal with relationship conflicts.

A new and expanded section on “Gender and Language” promotes gender sensitivity.

A new Chapter 15 combines coverage of the informative speech and the persuasive speech.

Key Features

Active Open-Mindedness (AOM) sections appear in each chapter and offer practice in critical examination, analysis, and thought.

Attention! Reality Check features in each chapter challenge students to think more deeply and practically about the ideas or approaches and apply them to their lives.

Attention! Strategic Flexibility features allow students to add to and improve their communication skills.

Research and theory in the field of communication as well as numerous examples and activities related to communication have been updated.


Brief Contents



Part 1 Basic Principles of Communication

Chapter 1 The Communication Process

Chapter 2 Self, Perception, and Communication

Chapter 3 Verbal Communication

Chapter 4 Nonverbal Communication

Part 2 Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 5 Listening

Chapter 6 Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 7 Evaluating and Improving Relationships

Chapter 8 Communication and Technology

Part 3 Other Forms of Communication

Chapter 9 Conflict and Conflict Management

Chapter 10 Intercultural Communication

Chapter 11 Small-Group Participation and Leadership

Part 4 Communicating in Public

Chapter 12 Getting Started and Finding Speech Material

Chapter 13 Organizing and Outlining the Speech

Chapter 14 Delivering the Speech

Chapter 15 Informative and Persuasive Speeches





About the Author

Saundra Hybels

Saundra Hybels teaches communication at Lock Haven University.

Richard Weaver II

Richard L. Weaver is a retired Professor of Interpersonal Communication at Bowling Green State University. He has written more than ten textbooks and is the recipient of BGSU’s faculty-excellence award.