Business Management: Real-World Applications and Connections, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780026442220
Business Management: Real-World Applications and Connections, Student Edition

Business Management: Real-World Applications and Connections, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2001
Publication Date: June 27, 2000
MHID: 0026442221
ISBN 13: 9780026442220

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Key Features

Reading Strategies helps students reflect, direct, review, and respond to the chapters' concepts.

BusinessWeek Management Model offers an excerpt of a pertinent article relating to management. Students use critical-thinking and decision-making after reading and interpreting the article.

Workplace Connections provides a real-life scenario for students to analyze, and to apply management skills to the situation.

Management Careers in Focus outlines specifics of various careers. The reassurance of Standard & Poor's Industry Outlook explains the impor- tance of each profession in the con- text of its impact on society.

Robert Half International Inc., offers tips on job searches and interview techniques to get students ready for the job market.

FBLA activities in the chapter assessment help students prepare for competitive events.

Case Study at the end of each unit melds and capitalizes on a unit's worth of content into one three-step simulated situation.

Workplace Diversity takes the students to international countries and introduces them to various business practices in those countries.

Business Management: Real-World Applications and Connections, Student Edition

Unit 1 Management Today

Chapter 1 Introduction to Management

Chapter 2 The Management Movement

Chapter 3 Careers in Management

Unit 1 Lab

Unit 2 The Management Environment

Chapter 4 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Chapter 5 Business Law

Chapter 6 Economics

Chapter 7 International Business

Unit 2 Lab

Unit 3 Foundation Skills

Chapter 8 Decision-Making Skills

Chapter 9 Communications Skills

Unit 3 Lab

Unit 4 Planning Skills

Chapter 10 Basics of Planning and Strategic Management

Chapter 11 Operations Management and Planning

Unit 4 Lab

Unit 5 Organizing and Staffing Skills

Chapter 12 Organizing Work

Chapter 13 Organizing Structure

Chapter 14 Understanding Work Groups

Chapter 15 Human Resource Management

Unit 5 Lab

Unit 6 Directing Skills

Chapter 16 Motivation and Leadership

Chapter 17 Managing Conflict and Stress

Chapter 18 Managing Change, Culture, and Diversity

Unit 6 Lab

Unit 7 Controlling Skills

Chapter 19 Controlling

Chapter 20 Operations and Customer Service

Chapter 21 Management Information Systems

Unit 7 Lab

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