Bon voyage! Level 1, Student Edition 7 - 12 9780078212567
Bon voyage! Level 1, Student Edition

Bon voyage! Level 1, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 7 - 12
MHID: 0078212561 |  ISBN 13: 9780078212567

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New Features

Assessment sections in each chapter give students the opportunity to check their progress before moving on to the next chapter.

Key Features

Colorful, student-friendly materials encourage students to read, write, listen to and speak French confidently.

Students learn to communicate in meaningful, practical ways.

Le monde francophone includes maps and facts to introduce your students to the vast scope of the French language and help them appreciate the vibrancy of French culture.

InfoGap Activities encourage students to work as partners to practice new skills and to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Lectures culturelles are written in level-appropriate French so students can immerse themselves in the varied culture and geography of the Francophone world.

Connexions in each chapter allows students to use their growing knowledge of French to explore other curriculum areas.

Technotour integrates the textbook with the program's supporting technology, from the CD-ROM to Internet activities to the video program.

Study Guide contains valuable study tips that help students use their time and materials more effectively.

Literary Companion features four abridged selections of classic literature presented in level-appropriate French. Students experience the joy of reading great literature in the target language.

Stunning photography from the National Geographic Society gives your students a behind-the-scenes look at various French-speaking cultures and shows them both traditional and modern aspects of life in a variety of countries.

Bon voyage! Level 1, Student Edition

Table des matières

La francophonie

Why Learn French?

L'alphabet français

Leçons préliminaries

A  Bonjour!

B Au revior!

C Les noms

D La politesse

E La date

F L'heure

Chapitre 1 Une amie et un ami

Chapitre 2 Les cours el les profs

Chapitre 3 Pendant et après les cours

Chapitre 4 La famille et la maison

Chapitre 5 Au café et au restaurant

Chapitre 6 La nourriture et les courses

Chapitre 7 Les vêtements

Chapitre 8 L'aéroport et l'avion

Chapitre 9 La gare et le train

Chapitre 10 Les sports

Chapitre 11 L'été et l'hiver

Chapitre 12 La routine quotidienne

Chapitre 13 Les loisirs culturles

Chapitre 14 La santé et la médecine

Literary Companion

La petite Fadette

«Dors mon enfant»

La Chanson de Roland

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo


InfoGap Activities

Study Tips

French-English Dictionary

English-French Dictionary