ArtTalk, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078305993
ArtTalk, Student Edition

ArtTalk, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2005
Publication Date: January 2, 2004
MHID: 0078305993
ISBN 13: 9780078305993

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Key Features

TIME Art Scene is written in an engaging magazine style. This colorful new feature closes every chapter with an update from the real world of art. Students will read about contemporary artists and art issues and discover how art is a part of the world outside their classroom doors. Each feature is tailored to fit the content of a particular chapter and contains a cross-curriculum activity to help students apply what they have learned.

Focus on Art History/Culture better represents the rich historical and cultural heritage of artworks. This feature opens the chapter and ties to the chapter opening artwork. It provides the student with some background information on either the artist or culture featured. Students are challenged with a short activity at the end of the feature.

Student Art Portfolio is a visually appealing feature that gives students a chance to compare and contrast artworks of their peers. Student artworks appear on this two-page art gallery to spotlight exemplar works that reflect the content of the chapter. The spread also includes a For Your Portfolio feature and Visual Art Journal activity ideas.

Digital Studio Projects allow students to create artwork using the computer and other technology resources.

Looking Closely features an artwork that exemplifies the concepts presented in the text.

Meet the Artist profiles contemporary and classical artists and expands the multicultural aspects of the program.

Art Criticism in Action guides students through the process of describing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging works of art.

Studio Projects invite students to create artworks; self-assessment questions help them measure the success of their projects.

ArtTalk, Student Edition

Chapter 1 Art in Your World

Chapter 2 Art Criticism and Aesthetic Judgement

Chapter 3 The Media and Processes of Art

Chapter 4 Line

Chapter 5 Shape, Form, and Space

Chapter 6 Color

Chapter 7 Texture

Chapter 8 Rhythm, Pattern, and Movement

Chapter 9 Balance

Chapter 10 Proportion

Chapter 11 Variety, Emphasis, Harmony, and Unity

Chapter 12 Art Traditions from Around the World

Chapter 13 Western Traditions in Art

Chapter 14 Careers in Art

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