Art In Focus, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780026624084
Art In Focus, Student Edition

Art In Focus, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 9 - 12
MHID: 0026624087 |  ISBN 13: 9780026624084

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Key Features

Time and Place Connections features a display of artifacts from the specific time period being studied, so students can see how the events and attitudes of that time influenced the art that was created. It includes an activity that relates to the topic under discussion.

Your Portfolio provides a multi-step portfolio activity that correlates with chapter content so students have frequent opportunities to add relevant, chapter-specific projects to their portfolios.

Focus on the Arts provides students with an overview of the literature, theatre, music, or dance that was poular during the corresponding artistic period they are exploring in the text so they can examine artistic influences and interpretations from a number of different perspectives.

Looking Closely highlights selected pieces of art and provides easy-to-read details about the artwork to help students and teachers analyze and understand what they see.

Studio Lessons encourage students to explore one specific artistic discipline by examining a related inspiration, studying the process, and then creating and evaluating their own work using that discipline.

Art and . . . provides cross-curricular connections between the arts and science, language arts, math, and social studies, so your students can recognize how these disciplines influenced the art of the period.

Symbolism in Art highlights areas within a showcased work of art and describes what the elements within the work might symbolize, to help students examine the "message" behind some of the world's greatest artistic treasures.

Internet Connections lead students to more detailed information about chapter topics to help them build their Internet skills as they broaden their understanding.

Technology Projects at the end of each chapter provide a number of student projects that give students the opportunity to use CD-ROM, laserdisc, multimedia, and Internet technology.

The Careers in Art feature directs students to the Careers in Art Handbook, where they can read about a career that utilizes one of the skills covered in the previous chapter, so students understand how their studies relate to the world of work.

Artsource® directs students to the Performing Arts Handbook, where they can find detailed information about particular artists and their craft.

Art In Focus, Student Edition

Text Chapter Titles

1. Art and You

2. Developing a Visual Vocabulary

3. Creating Art: Media and Processes

4. Art Criticism and Aesthetics

5. Art History

6. Art of Earliest Times

7. The Art of Ancient Egypt

8. Greek Art

9. Roman Art

10. The Art of India, China, and Japan

11. The Native Arts of the Americas

12. The Arts of Africa

13. Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Art

14. Early Medieval and Romanesque Art

15. Gothic Art

16. The Italian Renaissance

17. Fifteenth-Century Art in Northern Europe

18. Art of Sixteenth-Century Europe

19. Baroque Art

20. Rococo Art

21. New Styles in Nineteenth Century Art

22. Art of the Later Nineteenth Century

23. Art of the Early Twentieth Century

24. Modern Art Movements to the Present