The American Republic to 1877, Student Edition 6 - 9 9780078746758
The American Republic to 1877, Student Edition

The American Republic to 1877, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 6 - 9
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2007
Publication Date: January 3, 2006
MHID: 0078746752
ISBN 13: 9780078746758

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Key Features

Enhance reading and study skills with Foldables™. Foldables are unique student-made, three-dimensional graphic organizers that help students learn, retain, and review important information and concepts.

Promote social studies literacy, encourage the understanding of informational text, and help students become successful readers with research-based active reading strategies.

Address state standards in American history. This program integrates content and skills in each lesson, and prepares students for classroom and standardized examinations.

Step into the past with TIME Notebooks. Learn about everyday life in various periods and the “hot topics” of different eras.

Follow historic National Geographic Journeys that changed the face of the American landscape. Geography and History shows how geography and events intertwine to create the history of a location or nation.

Invite students to participate in high-interest projects with hands-on History Lab activities that encourage them to see history through the eyes of the participants.

The American Republic to 1877, Student Edition

How Do I Study History



Reading for Information

UNIT 1 Different Worlds Meet Beginnings to 1625

The First Americans, Prehistory to 1492

Exploring the Americas, 1400-1625

UNIT 2 Colonial Settlement 1587-1770

Colonial America, 1587-1770

The Colonies Grow, 1607-1770

UNIT 3 Creating a Nation 1763-1791

Road to Independence, 1763-1776

The Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution, 1776-1783

A More Perfect Union, 1777-1790

Civics in Action: A Citizenship Handbook The Constitution of the United States

UNIT 4 The New Republic 1789-1825

A New Nation, 1789-1800

The Jefferson Era, 1800-1816

Growth and Expansion, 1790-1825

UNIT 5 The Growing Nation 1820-1860

The Jackson Era, 1824-1845

Manifest Destiny, 1818-1853

North and South, 1820-1860

The Age of Reform, 1820-1860

UNIT 6 Civil War and Reconstruction 1846-1896

Road to Civil War, 1820-1861

The Civil War, 1861-1865

Reconstruction and Its Aftermath, 1865-1896

Unit 7 Modern America Emerges Reshaping the Nation, 1877-Present

Reshaping the Nation 1877-1929

The Making of Modern America, 1929-Present

The War on Terrorism Appendix Primary Source Library

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