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75 Readings Plus

75 Readings Plus

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Grade Levels: 13
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New Features

More essays on contemporary technology; food production, distribution,and use; and cultural identity in America.

Twelve new readings, including: Louise Erdrich: Beneath My House, Peter Elbow: Desperation Writing, Richard Rodriguez: “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans, Brandon Griggs: 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers, Gary Soto: Like Mexicans, Maxine Hong Kingston: Family Ghosts, Carlo Petrini: The Value and Price of Food, Rebecca Brown: Extreme Reading, Janet Kornblum: Tapping into Text Messaging, Michael Rubinkam: Texting in Class Is Rampant, Jonathan Safran Foer: Let Them Eat Dog, Sherman Alexie: Superman and Me

Key Features

Enhanced Pedagogy: Extensive pedagogical support in the form of chapter introductions, author biographies, essay introductions, Questions for Discussion, and Engaging the Text prompts, helps student to better understand what they are reading, respond critically to the text, and incorporate those responses in their writing.

Compelling Selections. Chosen after extensive research, the selections in this highly accessible collection have been proven - time after time and in classroom after classroom - to engage readers, as well as to inspire and serve as models for good writing for students with a range of backgrounds and abilities.

Diverse Readings. Representing a wide variety of authors, disciplines, issues, and interests, selections address topics in history, sociology, psychology, politics and economics, linguistics, writing, aesthetics, criminology, biology, natural science, medicine, philosophy, African-American studies, ethnic studies, and manners and morals.

Continued Emphasis on Mixed Mode. A chapter dedicated to mixing modes helps students understand how to combine patterns of writing to best achieve their writing goals.

Flexiblity. Rhetorically arranged and suitable for both one-semester and two-semester courses, 75 Readings offers additional tables of contents to fit a variety of teaching styles and course structures, including one arranged by theme and another by genre and discipline.

Value. More affordable than many comparable readers, 75 Readings Plus is priced with students in mind.

75 Readings Plus contains an eleventh chapter, which includes essays worth teaching because of the effective mix of rhetorical strategies they use.

75 Readings Plus

Chapter 1


George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant

Langston Hughes: Salvation

Maya Angelou: Grandmother’s Victory

Malcolm X: Coming to an Awareness of Language

Martin Gansberg: Thirty-eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police

Barbara Tuchman: The Plague

Chapter 2


James Baldwin: Fifth Avenue, Uptown

E.B. White: Once More to the Lake

Joan Didion: Marrying Absurd

Judith Ortiz Cofer: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood

Michael Byers: Monuments to Our Better Nature

Louise Erdrich: Beneath My House

Chapter 3


Diane Ackerman: Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall

Richard Marius: Writing Drafts

John (Fire) Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes: Alone on the Hilltop

Gretel Ehrlich: Chronicles of Ice

Peter Elbow: Desperation Writing

Chapter 4


Jo Goodwin Parker: What Is Poverty?

Ellen Goodman: The Company Man

Gloria Naylor: Meanings of a Word

Joseph Epstein: The Green-Eyed Monster: Envy is Nothing to Be Jealous Of

Dagoberto Gilb: Pride

Richard Rodriguez: “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans

Chapter 5


Gail Sheehy: Predictable Crises of Adulthood

Kesaya E. Noda: Growing Up Asian in America

Judith Viorst: The Truth about Lying

William Lutz: Doublespeak

Luc Sante: What Secrets Tell

Brandon Griggs: The 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers

Chapter 6


Bruce Catton: Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts

Mark Twain: Two Views of the Mississippi

Scott Russell Sanders: The Men We Carry in Our Minds

Suzanne Britt: Neat People vs. Sloppy People

Bharati Mukherjee: Two Ways to Belong in America

Henry Blodget: China's Biggest Gamble: Can It Have Capatilism Without Democracy? A Prediction

Gary Soto: Like Mexicans

Chapter 7


Robertson Davies: A Few Kind Words for Superstition

Brent Staples: Black Men and Public Space

William Zinsser: Clutter

Bailey White: Forbidden Things

John McPhee: Silk Parachute

Richard Wiseman: The Search for the World’s Funniest Joke

Maxine Hong Kingston: Family Ghosts

Chapter 8


Shelby Steele: White Guilt

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead: Where Have All the Parents Gone?

Philip Meyer: If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You? Probably

K. C. Cole: The Arrow of Time

Paul Salopek: Shattered Sudan

Susan Casey: Our Oceans Are Turning into Plastic . . .Are We?

Carlo Petrini: The Value and Price of Food

Chapter 9


Plato: The Myth of the Cave

Horace Miner: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

Loren Eiseley: The Cosmic Prison

Annie Dillard: Living Like Weasels

Rebecca Brown: Extreme Reading

Chapter 10




Janet Kornblum: Tapping into Text Messaging

Michael Rubinkam: Texting in Class Is Rampant

Free Speech

Nat Hentoff: Should This Student Have Been Expelled?

Alan M. Dershowitz: Shouting "Fire!"

Global Warming

Andrew C Revkin: Global Warming Is Eroding Glacial Ice

Philip Stott: Global Warming Is Not a Threat to Polar Ice


Jonathan Swift: A Modest Proposal

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream

Richard Rodriguez: Bilingual Education: Outdated and Unrealistic

Naomi Shahib Nye: To Any Would-Be Terrorists

Judy Brady: Why I Want a Wife

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake: An Indian Father’s Plea

Jonathan Safran Foer: Let Them Eat Dog

John Stuart Mill: On Liberty

Chapter 11


Stephen J. Gould: Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

Amy Tan: Mother Tongue

Lars Eighner: On Dumpster Diving

Sandra Cisneros: Only Daughter

Ian Frazier: Coyote vs. Acme

Frank Bures: Test Day

Sherman Alexie: Superman and Me

About the Author

Santi Buscemi

Santi V. Buscemi teaches reading, composition, and literature at Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey, where he was chair of the Department of English for twenty-eight years. He is the author of A Reader for College Writers, 75 Readings, and 75 Readings Plus. He has lectured on freshman composition and developmental education at regional and national conferences in the United States and South Africa.

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