Students across grade levels have experienced academic success using LearnSmart®. The adaptive technology of LearnSmart assesses each student to identify knowledge gaps and create a personal learning roadmap that is designed to improve learning, so students can make the grade. 

*More than 700 students from six institutions experienced greater, long-term scholastic success using LearnSmart adaptive learning technology.


LearnSmart reports provide invaluable, real-time information about student and class performance, keeping you up-to-date on student progress. Teachers can quickly monitor student activity, identify which students are struggling, and provide immediate help to improve student performance.

LearnSmart reports also highlight the concepts and learning objectives that the class as a whole may need help with during your limited class time. LearnSmart allows teachers to spend less time remediating and more time having engaging class discussions with their students.

Current Learning Status

Provides an overview of how much students have left to learn and when they need to review so they don’t forget what they have learned.