Helping ELL Students Strive in and out of the Classroom

Published July 16, 2015

Obtaining a high school diploma or GED certificate is essential for college admission and landing a steady job in the future. According to the United States Census Bureau, those with only an elementary school education earned an average of about $2,100 per month, while the earnings of those who earned a GED certificate were approximately $4,900 per month.

Unfortunately, only 57% of limited English proficient (LEP) high school students graduated with a diploma, and 66% of those LEPs were Spanish speakers. We are hoping to altar this percentage by offering a program to address these students’ need for Spanish solutions to help obtain their high school equivalency certificates as adults.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 25% of the students enrolled in U.S. K-12 schools will be English Language Learners (ELL) by the year 2025. This is strongly predictive for the industry and we see this as an opportunity to assist ELL students strive in and out of the classroom.

We recently announced an extension to the Common Core High School Equivalency Series in order to address the need for high-quality test prep materials for native Spanish speakers. Two new solutions, available in July, will give native Spanish speakers the assistance they need.

Common Core Basics: Spanish Edition, launching in July 2015, will offer in-depth instruction and foundational skill building for adults at sixth through eighth grade equivalency levels. This product includes a one-to-one direct translation done by actual Spanish speakers, not a computer, which ensures the highest quality test prep and features the same materials as the English version.