Curriculum Content that Fits: Customize Your Success

Published September 10, 2015

By Social Team

How do I meet the standards? How do I reach every PreK-12 student? How do I find the right materials for our classes? How do I help all students achieve success?


These are some daunting questions every educator asks at one time or another during the school year. There is enormous pressure to help students learn what they need for the bright futures we all want for them. From a classroom teacher to a district superintendent, the challenge is there and success is measured using quantifiable data like never before.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics approximately 50.1 million students are returning to schools all across America this fall. Each of them will have different learning styles and paths to success. And each school and district will have its own specific standards for measuring student and teacher achievement.

So, what’s the answer for those classes, those students, where you can’t find precisely the right curriculum resources and materials to reach your goals?

The answer isn’t the same for everyone. There is no one-size fits all approach to education. When you have specific standards and specific results that absolutely need met, you may benefit from a more tailored solution that truly fits your specific situation.

Sounds great, right? Before you think it’s easier said than done, consider this. What if you had direct and immediate access to award-winning, research-based content and a team of curriculum experts, ready to create that highly customized chapter or even a comprehensive series? What if you could pick up the phone and get concierge-style service to help you build new or tweak existing curriculum?

Here’s the good news, it’s all available to you. You can build a solution to match your vision. This McGraw-Hill service is called Custom Solutions. We source content from our massive database and build a curriculum that fits like a glove. This powerful service lets you leverage our century-plus experience in developing educational resources, to customize success for your students, school, and district. What’s more, it doesn’t matter where you are with technology. We build educational content to meet your needs, whether it’s all digital, print, or a hybrid of both. And publish it in your chosen format—as an ebook, print publication, or entire series collection.


Partnering with a McGraw-Hill curriculum expert can help ensure that by the end of the school year you can say your curriculum programs reached every student, met every standard, provided the right focused materials—and elevated individual students’ as well as your school’s overall success.

Take the first step today by reaching out to your McGraw-Hill representative, who can assist you with designing a highly customized curriculum to align with your objectives and initiatives.