Changing the Classroom With Purposeful Technology

Published September 28, 2015

No two learners or educators have the exact same set of needs. Developing our adaptive technology and platforms in a way that facilitates a digital ecosystem is essential to improving results, and it's something we take as our responsibility. We're committed to becoming the world's foremost learning science company, and we see open technology as a key element of our future.

Open learning environments exist with the expectation that educators and students will integrate, mash-up or extend content to make the learning experience more personal. Open learning systems are better able to meet the diverse needs of learners and also allow for creative experimentation—all while keeping data private and secure.

"We don't see the learning ecosystem just in terms of what we bring to the table. In the new learning ecosystem, we all contribute what we do best in service of learners and educators," said Stephen Laster, Chief Digital Officer of McGraw-Hill. "The education landscape is constantly evolving, but one thing we can predict is the continued focus on authentic digital products used to achieve learning outcomes. Compound learning objects are our path to this goal."

Hear Stephen discuss how the focus on purposeful technology is changing today’s classroom and how that’s helping us to build purposeful learning experiences.