McGraw Hill @ SXSW EDU 2019

Empowering English Learners in Challenging Times

In today’s complex and fast-changing environment, English Learners (ELs) face increasing challenges in adapting to U.S. classrooms, and educators face a number of hurdles in teaching them. This panel explores various frameworks for empowering EL students and their families, particularly those who have undergone trauma as a result of migration or conflict, as well as effective strategies to incorporate social and emotional learning to better address the needs of these students.

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Beyond ABCs and 123s: Going Deeper with SEL

Providing effective and research-based social emotional learning (SEL) is critical for early childhood education. This panel will offer insights and practical advice from leading researchers on delivering culturally responsive SEL to engage and empower early learners.

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Neuromyths: Five Myths About How People Learn

Are you right-brained or left-brained? What is your learning style? Do you use only ten percent of your brain?" You may have heard questions like these before. But how do these and other popular education ideas measure up against learning science research? Here, a learning scientist explores five common neuromyths in education, how they may actually detract from learning, and what the research reveals instead.

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