Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse

Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse

Professor, Department of Educational Policy & Leadership, Marquette University

Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse is an Educational Consultant, Researcher, and Professor at Marquette University. Her main areas of research are vested in the cognitive process of writing, literature-based reading, the socio-cultural aspects of literacy as well as teachers' attitudes toward diversity. In addition to her numerous publications, Dr. Walker-Dalhouse has been the recipient of a myriad of awards exemplifying her continuing efforts in education. She was an active board member with the International Reading Association, President for both the Minnesota Reading Association and Red River Reading Association, and is presently an affiliate of the National Reading Conference, as well as many other professional and academic organizations. She earned her B.A. from Kentucky State University and achieved both her masters and Ph.D. in Reading Education from The Ohio State University.


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  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI (Professional)
  • St. Cloud, Minnesota (Professional)
  • The Ohio State University (M.A.; Ph. D.)
  • Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY (B.A.)


  • Struggling Readers
  • Multicultural Literature
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Fluency
  • RTI


  • Texas Wonders


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