Tennessee Science

The McGraw-Hill K-12 Tennessee Science Program helps you to cultivate curiosity and success in the classroom with your students, for a strong foundation today that leads to future success in STEM-related careers.​

McGraw-Hill strives to meet the increasingly rigorous Tennessee State Standards. We continue to innovate and enhance our proven programs to keep you positioned for success in this ever-changing environment. Check out our Tennessee science programs below.​

The Tennessee 6-12 science program is about connecting science content, rigor, engagement and adaptive instruction for student success. As your trusted partner, McGraw-Hill delivers to you a custom, effective, innovative and inspiring science curriculum that meets your Tennessee State Standards.​

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Plan for Success

LearnSmart® is a proven adaptive learning program that helps students’ success by providing a personalized learning path that’s based on their responses to questions, as well as their confidence about the answers they provide. Using revolutionary adaptive technology, LearnSmart® builds a learning experience unique to each student’s individual needs. LearnSmart® gives students an advantage - improving learning outcomes by ensuring every minute a student spends studying is the most productive minute possible.


LearnSmart® with SmartBook® Adaptive Learning Program

  • Within LearnSmart®, discover Smartbook®, the only adaptive reading experience designed to transform the way students read.
  • The interactive challenge format highlights content and helps each student identify content they know, don’t know, and are most likely to forget.
  • Learning Resources close knowledge gaps by immediately clarifying the concepts the student finds most challenging.
  • Teachers receive detailed reports of student progress.

Take Student Achievement to the Next Level with eAssessment logo

Assessment is a key element to teaching science. McGraw-Hill eAssessement​ supports you from diagnostic to summative evaluations, giving you the ability to monitor​ students’ progress, make data-driven instructional decisions, and motivate your students’ academic achievement.​

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation options, strategies, and suggestions are embedded throughout every McGraw-Hill science program at point of use. They include:

  • Guided questions and readers to appropriately challenge your students
  • Page Keeley Probes to complete formative assessments
  • Personal Tutors to explain science concepts
  • Concepts-in-Motion animations
  • Dinah Zike’s Foldables® to engage every type of learner