South Carolina Math

Glencoe High School Math

South Carolina AGA solutions empower educators to uncover the mathematician in every student through powerful explorations, rich discourse, and timely and insightful differentiation opportunities.

The South Carolina Glencoe High School Math Series includes everything you need to guide your students with materials that lead them to success in the classroom, and creates confidence in their future.


ALEKS is an adaptive, online math program that uses artificial intelligence and open-response questioning to identify precisely what each student knows and doesn't know. Through truly individualized learning and assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized learning path on the exact topics each student is most ready to learn

Connecting Math and Rigor

Rigor has a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding for encouraging critical thinking with students, and is embedded throughout the South Carolina Glencoe High School Math Series. Each chapter starts out with a preview of Performance Tasks. Concepts and skills are built upon throughout each chapter so that by the end students will be able to complete the rich multi-step tasks. As your partner, we provide diverse resources focused on South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics and challenge students’ critical thinking.

Adaptive and Personalized Instruction

South Carolina Glencoe High School Math Series has adaptive and personalized instructional tools built into the program. You can take command, make data-informed decisions, and provide the individualized instruction each student needs. LearnSmart and ALEKS use artificial intelligence to predict what content students are ready to learn and easily target individualized instruction, remediation, and acceleration.

Bring Math to Life

With the South Carolina Glencoe High School Math Series digital resources in ConnectED, you can create an interactive learning center and empower students to live the math through exploration and investigation! Using features such as The Geometer’s Sketchpad, the eToolkit, videos, and personal tutors, students will be able to better navigate and understand their coursework.

Ensure Student Success

Students will be prepared to be successful on the new kinds of assessments that measure deeper understanding, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Teachers can promote conceptual understanding using eAssessment to help students learn important concepts and skills.

Meeting Needs of All Students

The South Carolina Glencoe High School Series fully supports the 3-tier RtI model with print and digital resources to diagnose students, identify areas of need, and conduct short, frequent assessments for accurate data-driven decision making. Every lesson provides easy-to-use resources that consider the needs of all students.