New York Science Programs

Overview of Science Programs

Spark Curiosity and Empower Students

We take a three-dimensional approach to our science programs that helps students develop key skills like collaboration, communication, and problem solving. Spark curiosity in New York students and empower them to become the next generation of creative problem solvers.

Featured Science Program

New York Inspire Science 6–8

Based on a 3D learning model, New York Inspire Science integrates engineering principles into each unit of the program. Students partake in lessons and projects that are centered around inquiry, mastery of disciplinary core ideas, engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts. To reach all students, the program has built-in supports for differentiated instruction, EL strategies, and language-building resources at the module level and at multiple points throughout each lesson. Each student is given an opportunity to construct explanations of phenomena and use evidence-based logic to make connections, building critical skills at every step.

More Science Programs

Inspire Science K–5

Learning begins with curiosity. Inspire Science is designed to help you spark students’ interest and empower them to ask more questions, think more critically, and maximize their ability to creatively solve problems. Inspire Science’s instructional model will prove that science education can be comprehensive and offer fun learning experiences that are sure to pique the interest of the bright minds in your classroom. Let us, help you cultivate curiosity and inspire the next generation of innovators, visionaries, and inventors.

Inspire Science Lab Kits

Inspire Science Lab Kits

These user-friendly kits contain hands-on activity materials clearly labeled and correlated to each module. They provide materials needed for each hands-on activity, independent work, and small group collaboration.