New York Mathematics Programs

Overview of Math Programs

Build Confident Mathematical Thinkers

Our wide variety of math programs prepare New York students for success in school as well as real-world challenges. The content addresses state standards, is rigorous to build strong critical thinkers, and provides engaging hands-on opportunities to tie it all together.

Featured Mathematics Program

Reveal Math® 6–12

Reveal curiosity with mathematical exploration and discovery that deepens conceptual understanding. Reveal understanding with insightful instructional resources to more effectively differentiate and promote a positive student mindset. Reveal possibilities with purposeful technology that creates an active classroom experience. The principles of Reveal Math™ ©2020 derive from the latest research on how students learn best—through productive struggle, rich tasks, and mathematical discourse. This unique approach ensures students don’t just meet the standards—they master them!

Reveal Math 6-12

More Mathematics Programs

Building Blocks®

Provide conceptual development, practice, and remediation for PreK math students with this adaptive program that offers personalized instruction for each student.

McGraw-Hill My Math

McGraw-Hill My Math can help you challenge your students in a way that inspires them to embrace the power of mathematics through real-world applications and experience just how fun math success can be. By weaving the three components of rigor throughout the student edition and program, McGraw-Hill My Math enables your students to progress toward a higher level of achievement and steadily grow their math confidence.

Everyday Mathematics 4

Everyday Mathematics 4 is a comprehensive Pre-K through Grade 6 mathematics program engineered for the Common Core State Standards. Developed by The University of Chicago, School Mathematics Project, the Everyday Mathematics spiral curriculum continually reinforces abstract math concepts through concrete real-world applications.