Past McGraw Hill
for Florida


Florida McGraw-Hill My Math (K–5)​

Florida McGraw-Hill My Math will help you challenge your students in a way that inspires them to embrace the power of mathematics through Brain Builder problems, real-world applications, and the research-proven adaptive learning technology of Redbird Mathematics. ​

By weaving the three components of rigor throughout the student edition and program, Florida McGraw-Hill My Math gives students ownership of their learning, enabling them to progress towards a higher level of achievement while steadily growing their math confidence.​


Florida Inspire Science (K–5)​

Learning begins with curiosity. Florida Inspire Science is designed to help you spark students’ interest and empower them to ask more questions, think more critically, and maximize their ability to creatively solve problems. Florida Inspire Science's instructional model will prove that science education can be comprehensive and offer fun learning experiences that are sure to pique the interest of the bright minds in your classroom. Let us help you cultivate curiosity and inspire the next generation of innovators, visionaries, and inventors.​

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Social Studies

K–5 Florida McGraw Hill Networks®

K–5 Florida McGraw Hill Networks® gives you the content you need, the literacy integration you want, and the print and digital resources to make it work in your classroom. Reducing teacher prep time and increasing student engagement is at the heart of K–5 Florida McGraw Hill Networks® Social Studies.

Featuring three pathways of instruction (within the online ConnectEd platform), this program delivers what you need through quality instruction grounded in authentic documents and artifacts, and focused on close reading and writing, critical thinking, and citizenship.

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The Music Studio platform delivers interactivity and unforgettable content to meet the needs of the 21st century music educator. In addition to ground­breaking, digital first programs, Music Studio puts printed Song Anthologies and Literature and Sight-Singing books in your student’s hands. With Music Studio, your materials are all accessible in one place. Plan inspiring lessons anywhere, on any device, and keep them organized without missing a beat.​

Spotlight on Music ​ (K–8)​

Experience a truly immersive and interactive music curriculum built on more than 1300 interactive songs that will have your students out of their chairs moving, singing, and having fun. Exclusive partnerships with Hal Leonard, Music Theatre International, and From the Top have allowed us to create interactive new materials and lessons based on musical pieces students recognize and love.

World Languages

Florida ¡Así se dice! (6–12)​

¡Así se dice! helps you teach Spanish your way with manageable content and easy-to-use technology. Cultural and interactive experiences blend learning opportunities to transport students to the exciting diverse world of Spanish culture.​

  • Photo essays with GeoVistas, literature, projects, and cultural lessons from different parts of the world provide a more global perspective.​
  • Practice Spanish with peers and students in countries around the world with ePals.​
  • Expand student proficiency. See, say, hear, and practice pronunciation, spelling and translation with the vocabulary app.​
  • Bring the culture home with ¡Sabor! A teacher supplement with online leveled activities highlights Hispanic culture in Florida so students can see how the local community is affected by the Hispanic culture in their state.​

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