IMPACT: California Social Studies Online

Your portal for:

  • Extraordinary flexibility in resources.
  • Creating and delivering dynamic lessons.
  • Engaging students with interactive content.
  • Fulfilling your instructional History-Social Science vision.
  • More features coming spring, 2018.

How to Use IMPACT

Learn how to easily become a master of the flexible resources and powerful instruction of IMPACT: California Social Studies Online.

Watch Video: Flexible Pathways with IMPACT Digital Resources

Watch Video: Navigating The Teacher Dashboard

Watch Video: The Navigation Menu

Digital Walkthrough cover

Our Digital Walkthrough provides instructions on accessing and using:

  • Online Teacher Center
  • Class Dashboard
  • Online Lesson Plans
  • How to Customize Classes and Material
  • How to Find Resources
  • Using the Online Assessment Test Generator
  • Creating Assignments
  • Assigning Different Reading Levels
  • Spanish Materials

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Login to IMPACT Online 9-12 now

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Username: hsteacher
Password: testhscourses

Unique Resources

IMPACT: California Social Studies Online resources include cutting-edge technology that gives you the power to teach to each student and connect curriculum to students’ everyday lives.

Revolutionary adaptive technology that builds a personalized reading experience for each student to increase retention and focus study efforts.

Video: Smartbook: Your Study Session Needs an Upgrade

Review LearnSmart online

  1. Log in to IMPACT Online using the credentials provided above in Step 2.
  2. Select a course to review.
  3. On your Chapter Landing Page, search for the “Adaptive Learning” section.
  4. Click on the title to launch LearnSmart.
  5. LearnSmart icon

Connect history and social sciences to student’s everyday lives through short, daily reading and writing assignments with SyncBlasts. This engaging social-media type of platform inspires students to think critically about high interest topics.

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