Personalizing Learning to Empower Every Student

In order to provide all students with rigorous and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them for college and career, we strive to continually develop advanced personalized learning instructional solutions. Personalized learning requires that students and teachers collaborate to determine learning needs, plan, and design, while emphasizing the role of student voice and purposeful technology. Our digital learning solutions harness the power of learning science to make personalized instruction accessible and transformative for every student.

Their Personal Best

Our personalized learning solutions support blended instruction and the creation of digital pathways to provide remediation for struggling learners, supportive practice for on-level students, and enrichment for advanced students. Take a look at the personalized learning solutions guide to find out which solutions can address your K–12 learners.

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Defining Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is not only unique to every student, it is unique to every district, school, and classroom. Although implementation models and instructional methods vary, all successful strategies incorporate a very specific set of criteria to maximize results. Explore key terminology and discover what approach to personalized learning works best for you using the resource below:

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How Can Technology Empower Students?

Tom Vander Ark (CEO/author, Getting Smart) explains why it's important for students to feel empowered on their educational journey, and how he envisions technology enabling that journey.

How and Why to Personalize Learning

This short clip explains why there is a strong emphasis on individualized education today.