Reach All Learners With Intentional Instruction to Engage and Inspire

You became an educator to improve children's lives — a process that begins with literacy. With our continuum of differentiated literacy programs and learning platforms, you can precisely tailor literacy instruction to the needs of all your students. Our shared commitment and expertise can transform them all into skilled readers, writers, and thinkers. Together, we can ensure literacy for life.

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McGraw-Hill Education understands that your students' literacy needs are as unique as each student. We bring a unique combination of high-quality content and personalized technology that's been proven effective — woven together with an understanding of the science of learning. Our literacy instruction helps you reach all learners right where they are and enables them to progress to new levels of achievement.

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Thorough research and instructional best practices drive our proven intervention solutions to help educators deliver powerful, strategic, individualized instruction. Create a supporting learning environment using innovative pedagogy, real-time data insights, and engaging learning tools so intervention learning is exclusive to no one, and personalized for everyone.

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Our suite of supplemental products helps educators reach every student to make success achievable. Easily complement any core or intervention curriculum to extended support and enrich practice at every level. Use print and/or digital supplemental resources to teach the best way for you and your classroom needs.

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StudySync® is a complete English Language Arts (ELA) 6-12 curriculum that is built to boost the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of your students. Features include flexible digital instruction, engaging print resources, and differentiation resources that serve the educational needs of English learners, reluctant learners, and advanced learners.

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