Free Resources for Music Studio

Spotlight on Music (PreK–8)

Check out the samplers below and discover ways to inspire students and instill a love of music with Spotlight on Music.

Theme Musical Samplers

Give your students an opportunity to shine. Explore the mini performances available in the Spotlight on Performance Samplers for Grades 3 and 6.

Orff Orchestration Samplers

Try out a few songs in the Orff Orchestration Samplers for Grades 3 and 5 and keep the music playing!

Virtual Stickers

Music and smiles go hand in hand! Use these bright, colorful virtual stickers while remote teaching to encourage your students, brighten their day, or acknowledge them for solid effort and great work. These fun, musically-themed virtual stickers can be shared in many ways:

  • Send via direct message (DM) to students and parents through your interactive teaching platform of choice. (Examples: Google Meet, Zoom, Seesaw).
  • Apply virtual stickers to online slideshows to encourage students while you're teaching.
  • Place on emails or online correspondence directly to your students and their families.

Choose which version to download below. Static stickers are contained in the PNG file, while animated stickers are in the GIF file.

Recorder Samplers

Explore the recorder samplers for grades 3–4 and grades 5–6. Each sampler contains fingering charts, teaching suggestions, tips on recorder techniques, creative activities related to songs, and much more!

For more information, visit the Spotlight on Music homepage.

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