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FLEXWorks is a dynamic online system that manages the classroom, assessment, data, instruction, and resources to maximize time and learning. FLEXWorks:

  • Automatically populates student performance data

  • Delivers performance data through a variety of reports

  • Informs targeted instruction to meet the individual needs of every student

  • Provides all the tools needed for classroom management

Take an interactive walkthrough of FLEXWorks at http://flexliteracy.com/walkthrough.


Class Management

The Classroom Management tab allows the teacher to manage the details of the class and its students.

Class Management


The Planner tab provides the teacher a month view of the curriculum assignments for each Experience, and the ability to adjust dates and change curriculum.



In the Gradebook the teacher can enter and view student grades for the Digital, Print, and Project Experiences.


The Reports tab provides the teacher with in-depth student performance data in formats that are easy to view, understand, and share.


FLEX Literacy comes with a wealth of resources to ensure proper implementation and success with the program, including program materials, professional development tools, and more.


Assessment and performance data collected by both the teacher and system provide a balance of quantitative and qualitative data. FLEXWorks informs teachers and administrators through progress reporting on a student, classroom, school, and district level. Assessments in FLEX Literacy include:

  • Diagnostic Placement Test

  • Fluency and Lexile Assessments

  • Mastery Checks

  • Benchmark Tests

  • Student Self-Assessment

Smart Placement

Benchmark Test

Mastery Checks

Mastery Check