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Events for Direct Instruction​

Webinar: Dyslexia Awareness​

Today’s K–5 literacy initiatives and action plans call for supporting all learners, including those with specific disabilities such as dyslexia, with intensive instruction to develop the knowledge and skills required for effective reading. ​

As evidence of the growing focus on addressing this category of learners, in 2016, the United States Senate passed Senate Resolution 576, requiring schools and state and local educational agencies to be aware of the educational implications of dyslexia and to address them properly (S.R. 576)4.​

Listen to Dr. Jan Hasbrouck discuss how to gain further understanding about students with Dyslexia and what instruction is helpful based on research best practices.

Topics include:

  • Definition​
  • Myths​
  • Research and Trends​
  • Instruction and Assessment​
  • Q&A with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck​

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On-Demand Events

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