Abby's Wish

In partnership with Filament Games and the Wisconsin Chapter of Make-a-Wish, we were able to help make Abby’s wish of being in a video game come true.

Abby's Wish to Be in a Video Game

Abby has always loved to play video games, specifically Minecraft. Out of this love for video games came her wish to actually be in one. When Make-a-Wish Wisconsin found out about Abby's wish they knew Madison-based Filament Games would be the perfect fit to assist in granting Abby's wish.

Filament Games is an educational game developer specializing in digital experiences and authentic gameplay that actively embeds learning objectives within game activities, helping players transform their play experience into real world knowledge. Because of their approach to game-based learning we teamed up with Filament Games to help develop modules for our K-5 science program, Inspire Science.

Once Filament Games heard about Abby's wish they knew their work on Inspire Science would be a match. They selected to put Abby into the gaming module Animobile Adventures.

Animobile Adventures teaches you about different animal traits and how they are used for survival. The student goes on an adventure around the world to observe all kinds of animals and learn about these traits. Abby's character in the game, Ruby, is a young girl who loves animals and knows a lot about how they survive. She drives the Animobile around and serves as a guide for the student.

Filament Games worked closely with Abby and her family to determine every aspect of her game. They gave Abby complete creative freedom to select her outfit, the color and length of her hair, if she was going to wear glasses and what her vehicle would look like. Through voice recordings, they were able to make Abby come to life through her character, Ruby.

The Reveal

Once the work on Inspire Science was complete, it was arranged for Abby and her family to travel to Filament Games to play her game for the first time.

She and her family traveled by limousine to Filament Games where she had a red carpet welcome while signing autographs of her avatar, Ruby. Abby was then able to play Animobile Adventures for the first time. A pudding reception, tour of Filament Games and video interview followed.