Give every learner a course made just for them

Engage learners with bite-sized personalized content accessible from multiple devices

Learning science fuels your personalized learning path


Research about focus, memory, engagement, and metacognition fuel the algorithms that define the learning paths. Learners focus on challenging areas, fight memory decay, and move knowledge from short to long-term memory, all while remaining engaged.

Anytime, anywhere content creates seamless learning


Bite-sized personalized content is presented in a tablet-inspired interface that is engaging and intuitive to use and accessible from multiple devices.

World’s first adaptive reading experience helps learners focus


The adaptive ebook, SmartBook is an adaptive version of a course or training text. It actively tailors content to each learner’s individual needs by highlighting important concepts.

Assessments capture much more than accuracy


Each assessment item has two parts: the question itself, which can take a number of forms (including multiple choice, matching, ranking) and a unique metacognitive aspect which determines learner confidence level in addition to accuracy.

Immediate feedback reinforces understanding


In response to each answer, a learner receives immediate feedback, which includes a level of remediation that solidifies learner understanding of the concept. Suggested resources help the learner fill in the gaps of his or her understanding on the spot.

Multimedia content is unified in a cohesive experience


Learning resources are dynamic and interactive and can include a variety of rich media content, including videos, powerpoint, images, and more.

Systematically improve learner metacognition


Each learner has access to a series of reports on their performance. In a glance, they can identify strengths and weaknesses and improve their level of metacognitive awareness.

Intelligent authoring at your fingertips

It’s never been this easy to create a next generation adaptive experience. Author seamlessly in our robust platforms.

Create learning objectives with our helpful tool


Use our authoring platforms to translate your learning goals into a taxonomy of learning objectives based on your course.

Transform content into interactive learning resources


Transform your videos, slideshows, images, and more into dynamic learning resources. Helpful editing tools save time and allow maximum flexibility.

Go beyond recall. Reach the upper levels of Bloom’s taxonomy with our distinctive probes


Select from dozens of options to create customized probes that align with your learning objectives. Unique probes are designed to capture the nuances of every subject area, whether it’s finance, public speaking, or technical skills.

Within minutes, see your content transformed into an adaptive experience


After the taxonomy of course concepts is created, match each objective with learning content and assessment items through the easy-to-use interface. Whether it’s tech skills, financial accounting or public speaking, your content will be modularized and transformed into an adaptive course, responsive to each learner’s specific needs and capabilities.

Deliver benefits to every stakeholder


Structuring the content this way in our platform allows learner interaction with it to generate a data layer that powers not only adaptive learning but also agile authoring and tailored instruction. As learners begin taking the course, the platform gives every stakeholder—learners, instructors, and authors—granular insight into a range of performance metrics.

Learning Science Platform infographic