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As the global leader in adaptive learning, we can accelerate the development of your workforce by personalizing content for each employee, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately, maximum return on your training investment.

Grounded in learning science research and refined by millions of learners, thousands of authors, and nine petabytes of digital content, our authoring platforms are highly scalable and backed by McGraw-Hill brand and services.

Drive mastery, ensure compliance

In complex regulatory environments, or any situation where safety, security, and compliance are at stake, true proficiency is required. Learning is not a nice-to-have but a must-have.

In our authoring platforms, you can set passing thresholds based on the needs of your business. More importantly, you will know exactly what proficiency means in the context of your organization and to what extent learners can apply their acquired knowledge on the job. Whether it’s 75%, 80%, or 100%, mastery-based adaptive learning can ensure that every learner achieves the desired level of accuracy for each learning objective.

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Increase training ROI

When learners are diverse in incoming skill, background and experience, one-size-fits-all learning leads to boredom, frustration, and inefficiency. Mastery-based learning for each employee reduces training time, gets new hires up-to-speed quickly, and maximizes learner benefit from training experiences.

How does it work? As learners moves through content, their paths are continuously adjusted to keep them in an optimal state of focus, challenge, feedback, and repetition. Proven learning theories concerning focus, memory, and engagement power the algorithms behind the learning paths. In other words, every learner receives the best piece of content at the best time for him or her, increasing learning efficiency and effectiveness.

With our platforms, you can track results against defined goals like completion rates, proficiency, and engagement—to help define success and translate outcomes to clear ROI. Ultimately, the analytics generated from an adaptive course can even help align employee skills and talents with workforce needs.

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Engage employees

Provide your employees with bite-sized personalized learning and present it in an engaging intuitive interface, accessible from multiple devices. Help them focus on challenging areas, fight memory decay, and move knowledge from short to long-term memory, all while remaining on track to meet goals.

Spur productivity and innovation for employees and learning officers by providing data-driven, actionable insights.

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Unique interface captures learner confidence and engagement level as well as accuracy and progress.

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Immediate feedback combined with suggested resources helps solidify understanding and ensure rapid progress to mastery.

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Engaging interface combines rich media learning resources into a cohesive and interactive learning experience.

Highlighting feature helps focus learner attention.

Increase organizational agility

With real-time analytics, drive employees to take ownership of learning, instructors to tailor their instruction, and authors to refine their course continually based on content effectiveness.


Make it all happen fast...
and seamlessly!

Benefit from high-touch, flexible support and seamless integration. Our customizable services span exploration and design, road-mapping, training, ongoing support, and data analysis.

Flexible integration options afford you the possibility of single sign-on integration from your existing LMS.

Power next generation learning

Whether it’s tech skills, financial accounting or public speaking that you want your employees to learn, your content will be modularized and transformed into an adaptive course, responsive to each learner’s specific needs and capabilities.

Using our authoring platforms, begin by reviewing your learning goals and translating them into a taxonomy of learning objectives. After this skeleton of course concepts is created, match each objective with learning content and assessment items through the easy-to-use interface.

Structuring the content this way in our platform allows learner interaction with it to generate a data layer that powers not only adaptive learning but also agile authoring and tailored instruction. As learners begin taking the course, the platform gives every stakeholder—learners, instructors, and authors—granular insight into a range of performance metrics.

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The process is simple, scalable, and powerful. As you author, you can even move back and forth between the authoring and learner experience to see your content instantly transformed into an adaptive course. Only minimal training is necessary.

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