Efficacy Studies and Academic Research

Our Commitment to Efficacy

As a learning science company, research and efficacy are at the core of our vision to unlock the full potential of each learner. Research guides our work – at the beginning of a product’s lifecycle, and also throughout. To ensure we’re accomplishing our goals, we support and fund rigorous research on the effectiveness of our educational solutions. Our products and services are built upon the most tried and true research, they’re tested and retested, and they’re continually updated to ensure they meet the high standards of educators everywhere.

ALEKS is the practical realization of Knowledge Space Theory based on ground-breaking research in mathematical cognitive science.

Research shows the Connect® digital learning platform significantly improves grades, engagement, and retention in higher education.

Learn more about the research and efficacy in our learning science-based solutions and content.


An adaptive learning platform for elementary through college.


A digital teaching and learning platform for elementary through college.

Everyday Mathematics

A comprehensive elementary mathematics curriculum.


An online adaptive studying tool for college and professional learning.

Reading Wonders

A complete elementary reading and language arts curriculum.

SRA FLEX Literacy

A comprehensive blended elementary reading and literacy curriculum.