Why We're So Focused on the Science of Learning

Published March 9, 2015


McGraw-Hill Education's leaders on the importance of improving educational outcomes for all learners.

The science of learning drives everything we do at McGraw-Hill Education. By harnessing it we can combine content and technology in a way that is seamless, elegant, and deeply personalized for each student. It's our goal to truly understand how learning happens so that we can drive the best possible educational outcomes from early childhood on.

Technology will never replace teachers -- instead, it should serve to maximize each minute they spend with students and create new opportunities for one-on-one instruction every single day. When you combine the science of learning with the art of good teaching, there’s no limit to what students can achieve.

The role of the instructor, the intimacy of connection, is what fires the spark. We need to think about how technology can enhance this. - David Levin, CEO